Granddad update

Sorry I haven't updated sooner — Granddad's still in the hospital, and will be until Tuesday (they estimate). They found a spot of pneumonia on his lung that probably caused the trouble.

My mom and I are headed out first thing tomorrow to Georgia to care for him for a while. We're not sure how long. The plan is to get him into a subacute care center as soon as a spot opens up.

To be completely honest, I'm scared of this trip. I'm scared to see my grandfather this way, scared to have to be responsible and grown up...but I know it's what's best and I know it'll ultimately be good.



Amanda said...

I'll be thinking of you....have a safe trip!

Nic said...

I don't know why, there are a bunch of your posts I can't seem to comment on - like the last one about your grandad. I hope that his pneumonia clears up soonest, and that you have a really nice visit with him. xox.

Monica H said...

I haven't read the posts since you posted this but I'm glad you're going to be with him.