Another video blog!

So here are a few things I would like to point out. As usual. Because excuses are my friend.

1) Ignore my psycho eyes. See #2.

2) I am exhausted. Pleaseohplease excuse the pimples on my face. Because pimples are caused by sleep deprivation. Dur.

3) I am nonsensical. See #1.

4) Sorry if I made you seasick.


6) If you make it all the way to the end, I will personally stand up and applaud you. Because WOOF.


Kirsten said...

Okay, you seriously look 100% better than I do after 8 hours of sleep. I can.not.believe that you have been living off of the sleep you and look as awesome as you do. Must be your youth. You, damn spring, chicken you! Glad you are preserving memories.

The Nanny said...

Youth, and really strong undereye concealor :)

34 year old Teen said...

How did u fit all of that stuff in that room i can barely fit anything in mines

The Nanny said...

@34 year old Teen - all the wooden stuff came in my room -- and it's very strategically arranged to fit everything in :) There's not much standing room, that's for sure! The only thing I added was the bookshelf, and it's crammed in a little nook.

Amanda said...

Love your room!!! How do you sleep without a headboard on your bed? I had a bed like that in college and had to move my bed so the head was against the wall so my pillows wouldn't fall off when I slept and woke me up (b/c waking me up was oh so not cool!!!). Happy for you that you get to come home for the summer. And congrats on the new job!!

The Nanny said...

@Amanda - It was a weird adjustment to no headboard! I put a pillow thingy propped up when I needed to sit up :)

Thank you for the congratulations!