Weight pictures week 7

So is it a problem if I honestly can't remember what I ate this week?

Like, seriously?

I mean, last night there were tortilla chips and nutella. And I'm *sure* I overate a lot this week. But I think this week was better? Maybe? Hopefully?

(I'm going to blame the fact that I can't remember anything I ate on my sleep-deprived state, not on the fact that I'm probably losing my mind because HELLO, END OF SEMESTER EXAMS!)

The one thing I'm sure of is that I did make it to the gym Mon-Fri, as usual. And that on Friday night my friend Becca and I made this nutella cake which turned out to be a rather epic fail so at least I didn't eat too much of it?

PICTURES (then back to WORK):

Oh, and because I love you all, here's the nutella cake fail.

And OH, tonight I get to babysit! Up here! A little boy and girl! I think the boy is like 14-15 months old, and the girl is LESS THAN THREE WEEKS OLD ZOMG.

Cannot cannot cannot cannot wait.


meinsideout said...

Hope you had a great time babysitting!

niobe said...

I've always found that lack of sleep makes me overeat. So I'm pretty sure you can blame it totally on that.