Weight pictures week 5

This week was better than last week. I still struggled with overeating. I'm not eating entirely unhealthy foods...it's just that I'm still eating too much. Which is frustrating.

But, I'm trying. And these last few weeks (and the next few, too) have been (and will be) grueling. I'm lucky if I get between 3-5 hours of broken sleep during the week. On the weekends, I try to catch up -- except when I get woken up early with the fire alarm going off THANK YOU DREAMSCHOOL.

(Nothing beats waking panicked from a dead sleep, blearily grabbing your phone, ID, a sweater (cause there's no time to put on a bra!) and shoes and running down 5 flights of stairs to stand on one of the busiest streetcorners in the city with 750 other students! But LET'S NOT TALK ABOUT THAT.)

I'm still loving the gym. I'm working up to 3.1 and 3.2mph on the treadmill (ZOMG I'M PRACTICALLY RUNNING) and lifting weights as I walk. I don't want to bulk up my arms, cause lord knows I've got muscles from years of lifting babies! I just want to tone them. I can also do 50 sit-ups without stopping. LOVE it.

We're in crunch time for the rest of the semester. As well as I'm trying to eat, sometimes I *will* need to carbo-load to get through a full night of studying, just for the energy. And I know that. But I'm trying.

And it's fucking hard.


Anonymous said...

i think your stomach looks flatter!


Lima said...

So you should try this stuff called Egg Whites International... it'll up your protein intake, and though you don't want to "bulk up"... the added muscle will help out your metabolism. People swear by it :) It gets mailed to you frozen, and you just put it in your fridge & add it to like your fave juice. I like adding it to carrot juice. Keep up the good work :)

Shavahn said...

I can see a difference, for sure!!

(I finally broke out of the 183 plateau that I've been in for 6 weeks! Down to 180 as of Monday - love it!)

Occasional carbo-loading can be a good thing... yes, really! It keeps your body from going into starvation mode - don't beat yourself up over it!

The Nanny said...

Thank you!!!

@Shavahn -- GO girl!!!

Kara said...

Looking good girl! Good for you for sticking with it especially during such a tough time at school. I am on a healthy eating and working out kick here as well. My goal is to lose ahemcoughcough pounds.