Weight pictures week 4


What can I say? This week did. not. go. well.

I was beyond stressed and averaging between 3-5 hours of (broken) sleep a night. I had two huge exams, a huge speech to give, and a huge article & multimedia item (slideshow of 50-70 slides + audio) due.

So, I stress-ate. A lot. And I didn't eat healthily. The one positive thing I did do this week was I did go to the gym Mon-Fri, and today (Sunday) as well. I'm really loving my gym time...just me, no roommate interruptions, and Sasha the iPhone spinning tunes for me. Love it.

I didn't want to take pictures, but I did anyway. Look at me being all accountable and stuff!


I'll try again this week.


Shavahn said...

Don't worry... I'm going through the same thing right now. I am in grad school with a small child and ZERO time to myself, so I truly treasure my gym time. BUT, I stress eat also.

I've been at the same weight for 6 weeks now; up 3 pounds, down two, up one, down two, down one. It will get better! My goal for this week is to not eat any sugar... I'm going to get below 183 and stay there!!! Wish me luck!

The Nanny said...

@Shavahn - GO GIRL!!!! I do wish I had a scale. Maybe it would make me more accountable?

Either way - good luck to both of us! :)

Lady Di said...

I stress eat and I don't go to the gym. Or use my WiiFit, or elliptical, or walk, or anything, even through I know I should. But from my frumpy mid-40's point of view -- building the exercise habit is more important than perfecting the eating, so keep at it! (I'm working on the eating habits, at least, since I don't seem to make time to exercise.)