TATTOO: one Nanny's tale of getting inked!

So unless you live under some sort of large, soundproofed rock, you probably could hear my mother wailing sadly after seeing Wednesday's tattoo blog post.

In other words, YES: I got tattooed! I now have an owl on my left shoulder that will be with my body from now until forever! And I'm happy about it!

Why did I get an owl? Why am I so weird?

WELL. I can't answer the second question, but I can answer the first.

1) I love owls. I think they're peaceful, calm, and beautiful.

2) I love that they represent wisdom. Lord knows I need me some of that.

3) I wanted a bird to honor my maternal grandmother, who died before I was born — Mary Dove. While I didn't want a dove tattoo, I wanted some kind of bird for her.

Here's my bird...

(I sharpened the owl & deepened the contrast so it was more visible online — it's not quite that dark or pronounced in real life.)

I love it, and especially love its sweet big eyes. I basically brought six zillion pictures to my tattoo artist of what I liked, and she made a few sketches that I was able to tweak until I was very happy :)

When it came time for the tattoo-doing, I was *very* nervous. But I turned on some happy Ryan Adams on my iPhone to listen to, lay on my stomach, and tried to relax.


Am I a wimp, or was that seriously painful? Cause, um, OUCH. I mean, some parts of it weren't so bad. But others felt like the tattoo artist was taking the tip of a sharp knife and slicing it into my skin. (Which, granted, was essentially what she was doing, but still.)

Before she started, she assured me the pain would be tolerable. And I believed her.

Holy jeebus.

I mean, I didn't cry or scream. And I kept reminding myself to relax and focus on the music. But the damn needle buzzing 6 inches from my ear made it difficult to concentrate. So there was a lot of *sharp intake of breath* OOOH!!!'s. And lots of fist-clenching.


(At first I was afraid, I was petrified...)

And I am happy. I love my little owl.



CallMeKayla said...

Very cute! While I would normally say, 'why an owl?' I think it is very fitting. :) I especially love the eyes on it! I am planning my own first tat right now! *Thankfully* I calmed my mother down however, so she can "help" plan it. LOL. Very cute, anyways, enjoy!

Anonymous said...


i approve.


Anonymous said...

some of the pain can come from how heavy of a hand they have as they're doing it.

when i was getting my wings done they kept hitting a nerve and making my neck spasm on one side. lol

it's a very cute little owl. congrats on your first ink.

think you'll get another? wait. don't answer that yet. ;) i said no at first...

The Nanny said...

@CallMeKayla - oooh, what're you going to get???

@sis - thanks :)

@MommyMichael - YES I AM. They're addicting! I'm having to force myself to wait! Plus I don't know where else I'd get one...but I love the quote from the e.e. cummings poem: "i like my body when it's next to your body." we'll see :)

CallMeKayla said...

I'm planning on getting Artemis's (The Greek Goddess) double bow and arrow symbol. I have always been fasinated since I was just a little girl about Greek's mythology, etc.. and then there is Kenyon's DH series that also incorporates the symbol and 'character' of Artemis. So, it's kind of like killing 2 birds with 1 stone.. Getting something that symbolizes both one of my favorite book series and something I have always been so interested in.

Anonymous said...

Careful, they're addictive. ;) Cute!

Nic said...

really cute! I'm not a fan of tattoos in general, but I quite like yours.

and, I have to say when I read this I was thinking, sounds like if/when she has a baby she'll be just fine with no drugs. :) Yeah, I know I'm looking a teeny tiny bit into the future...

Monica H said...

Such big sweet owls- very cute!

WhisperingWriter said...

I love your tattoo.

Very nice!

Bethany said...

I really like it! I still haven't gotten mine. Still want to!