I enjoy tea, don't you?

So a few weeks ago, there was a Tea Party Rally here in Ye Olde DreameSchoole Citye. Complete with Sarah Palin and a WHOLE LOTTA TEA.

I had to cover it for a journalism class, but after I was getting the information I needed to be a Responsible Journalist, I had a little (biased) fun of my own.

I only had like 5 minutes to spit this video out, so excuse the crude transitions and bad sound quality. Also:

1) People were not very nice to those of us who wanted to video tape/photograph things. So I was mostly hiding my camera. Hence the SHAKY CAMERA WORK.*

*hey, the people were in a public park and DreamSchool's in a state where it only requires a one-party consent to being taped. It was perfectly legal to film/photograph them.

2) In the end of the video when I'm talking about teleprompters, when I swing my camera over to the woman, she says, "They should learn it themselves" before I start talking to her. It's hard to hear that.

3) Vimeo was being a bitch so I had to upload it in a MUCH worse quality than I would have liked. I dropped it from like 500 MB to 14 MB and the quality took a DIVE and it became much more shaky. Sorry about that. Blame Vimeo.

4) The whole thing was A Very Interesting Experience. I walked away with a lot of Informative Literature. I now understand that allowing transgender people to use either male or female restrooms now means that I, as a female, WILL be raped and killed in a public bathroom.**

**this is so totally and completely sarcastic. For the record, I STRONGLY support ANY person using whichever restroom makes him or her feel more comfortable.

Now: y'all ready for some tea?


Tea Party Rally


Leanne...the walker said...

I absolutely love the guy that tells you that retaliation is a Christian thing to do. I've studied the Bible, Jesus, and theology. I cannot find anywhere in scripture or non-canonical text, that says that Jesus encouraged retaliation... Thanks for sharing this. It is frightening what is out there...

The Nanny said...

Leanne, I know! That was my "favorite" line, besides the "a monkey could read a teleprompter" bit.

Jen said...

One of the fundamentals of journalism is objectivity. I'd like to know the reasoning behind mainstream (and liberal, mind you) media using the term "teabaggers" to describe those involved with the Tea Party movement. It's just as derogatory no matter whose mouth (or T-shirt) it's coming from. But we don't see stories, videos or articles about the other side doing the exact. same. thing.

What breaks my heart the most about this country is that people (mostly my generation) get their panties in a wad because of people like these Tea Partiers. Why is it scary? They're standing up for what they believe in. They're putting up a fight for their freedoms. Isn't that what this country is about?

I applaud you for having passion, even if it isn't the same side of the aisle as mine. But ... do you know what the Tea Partiers are fighting for? Did you ask that question?

You'll make a good journalist. But abide by the rules - keep yourself out of the story. It's your duty.

The Nanny said...

Hi Jen,

Thank you for stating your comment so respectfully — I appreciate it! Just to clarify, this was NOT what I turned in as my assignment :) What I turned in was a completely unbiased, well-researched coverage of the rally that (I do believe) portrayed Tea Partiers as intelligent and passionate. This was just something I put together for fun with a few of the (to me) funnier responses I got for people.

I must admit that lately, I've been lagging on keeping up with the news simply because I've been SO swamped at school. I was actually quite taken aback by the "Barney Frank is a teabagger" shirt (Barney Frank is openly homosexual), because I hadn't heard the media apply such a term at Tea Partiers. I certainly would NOT support that if any news organization did so, and I'm interested to know when and if that happened (can you provide links?).

To answer your question, yes — I do know what the Tea Partiers are fighting for :) I did do LOTS of research before going to the rally, from all ends of the political spectrum. I talked to many genuinely nice, intelligent rally-attendees, and those people made it into my article. I also have video to back that up.

Though I will say that I was frustrated by quite a few people at the rally who were selling merchandise. When I went to ask them questions, they shoved literature in my face that to look at, I'd have to pay for. If they wanted to get their message across to everyone, why charge $10 or $20 for a Tea Party version of the constitution? (I know the liberals do this as well — I'm not just targeting conservatives.)

And you're right — journalism is all about being unbiased and providing honest reporting. It is a struggle for me sometimes, as I'm so politically passionate. But I pride myself in my objectivity and fairness — you're right, as a journalist, it IS my duty.

Thank you, again, for your comment! It definitely caused me to reflect on how I covered the event for my journalism class.

The Nanny said...

Jen, whoops — that's what I get for typing too quickly. Should be "few of the (to me) funnier responses I got FROM people."

Minivan Mom said...

My favorite was your response to the "monkey can read a teleprompter" comment. Your "OH" was so laden with things unsaid. :)

My problem with the Tea Party is that it is a magnet and catalyst for the ignorant. I have no problem with *intelligent* *rational* disagreement with government policy. What I have a problem with are rallies that utilize inflammatory and discriminatory rhetoric for the purpose of promoting hate. Are all Tea Party members like that? No...but I have to question people who would associate themselves with a group that DOES have so much of that going on.

The Nanny said...

Jen and Tracey — have you guys seen this? Thought you both might find it interesting.


Jen said...

I'm very, very politically passionate, as well ... which didn't mix well with my journalism classes in college. But it was a learning experience and I eventually found a way to separate my self from my stories. It's very difficult.

I love that you're passionate, as I said before. It bothers me that so many people are apathetic these days. They don't want anything to do with politics or goverment. Unfortunately, politics and government affect almost every aspect of our lives - so we should ALL be concerned.

I always welcome different opinions. It makes us more intelligent and more informed to debate (not argue or fight).

Thanks for the well-rounded reply. :)