Here is where I say something and you all judge me.


I have a confession.

So I'm a southerner. Born and raised in Texas. And up until like 3 weeks ago, I didn't know what was grammatically incorrect about the phrase "fixin'/fixing to."

As in, "Honey, I'm fixin' to go slaughter a pig for supper."

Or, in NormalPeopleSpeak, "I'm fixing to go to the pizza place to get dinner."

I've always heard people joke about southerners using that phrase. But, swear on my life, I never knew what was wrong with it. I always just assumed it was an acceptable alternative way to say you were getting ready to do something.

Right now, my parents are reading this, shaking their heads slowly, and wondering what ELSE they could have done with the Large Bundle of Cash they spent sending me to private schools from kindergarten through 12th grade.

BUT! At least I know now, right? I *know* that "fixing" only means:

fixings. Also, fix·in's  [fik-sinz] Show IPA. Informal.
a. the necessary ingredients: salad fixings.
b. the appropriate accompaniments; trimmings: turkey with all the fixings.

Heh. Heh. Hehhhh.


Anonymous said...

I'm fixin' to go cash in the remains of your college fund to buy me a classic car. Or maybe a harpsichord.



Anonymous said...

Born and Raised in San Marcos, Tx. =) (south of austin, since i'm not sure if you know where san marcos is)

I'm a "hill country" girl.

My husband makes fun of me because i say "who all is going to the party" he says that's not correct either.

and I get frustrated when people spell "y'all" wrong lol

The Nanny said...

I say "who all" too :) And OH MY GOSH, yes, about y'all. I don't get why people think it could be ya'all?!

Anonymous said...

or even "ya'll". seriously people.. it's "you" and "all" put together.

The Nanny said...

If by "ya'all," I meant "y'all." Typo on my part :)