Out of 472 (WOW) entries for the Penelope's Porch giveaway, my BFFL the Random Number Generator picked...

#115 - MIM!

Congratulations, Mim! You won the Blue Rose Necklace!!! You have 48 hours to email me or I'll pick a new winner (which would be sad for you. But maybe happy for someone else).

I gotta admit, guys, I was nervous before clicking the "generate" button. I wanted you ALL to win because I LOVE YOU ALL SRSLY. And so did Penelope. So she's offering a "Secret Sale" to you all — 20% off any one item in her shop — as a consolation for not winning :)

For the discount, you have until March 7 to order. A refund of 20% will be deposited back to your paypal account immediately after checkout.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered!!! You all seriously made my week SO HAPPY, seeing comments rolling in :) LOVE. YOU. ALL.