Weight pictures week 2


GYM! I completed (sorta) the Monday-Friday gym challenge that I had with Stephany. Sorta = I went Mon-Fri (woot!) but by Friday my knees/legs were hurting so badly that I could only do 1/2 the time I wanted too (boo!).

I'm *slightly* frustrated by the fact that my knees won't let me do a brisk walk on the treadmill. Because I'm motivated to exercise, and can't.

I'm going to try again this coming Mon-Fri. I'll go easier on the treadmill speed and hope that helps, and continue stretching & wearing braces.

FOOD! I did well!!! I managed to stay on the bandwagon with only one major binge -- last night I gave in to a huge bowl of non-cheese goldfish dipped in hummus (baaaaad me). BUT. Back on the bandwagon today, soldiering forward.

PICTURES! I don't see much of a change, but hey: putting 'em up there anyway. I took the pictures standing farther from the mirror, so I think I look smaller than I am. Don't know about weight since I don't have a scale. Jeans and skirts fit a bit looser.

My motivation is waning a bit but I *am* keeping going. I want to do this. I need to do this.

I am going to do this.


Anonymous said...

I DEFINITELY see a difference. And I don't think it's the distance from the mirror. Keep going as long as you really want to do it and then don't worry.

cmatt312 said...


i definitely see a difference. you got this sistah


Lima said...

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