The post in which I HOLY CRAP put myself out there


I'm just going to warn you now...if you're eating dinner, you may wanna skip this post. Or at least, don't scroll down. Cause there are pictures of me IN A CAMISOLE AND SHORT SHORTS ZOMG!!

Here's the deal. I've always struggled with eating and my weight along with 99 million other people. I gained a LOT of weight during high school, then lost a lot of it after I graduated, but it's slowly creeping back on in college.

And it MUST STOP because I won't have anything to wear anymore.


Stephany is on her own weight-loss journey, and she's inspired me to kick my sorry derriere into gear as well. I'm sick of my thunder thighs and my poochy belly. SICK, I tell you!

Anyway. For the past week or so, Stephany and I have been texting each other every night with what we've eaten that day as a way to keep each other in check. This week has been hard since I was in New York all week, eating out a lot, and it was MY BIRTH-DIZZLE. But! BUT. NO LONGER, SELF.

Stephany decided to take pictures of herself along her journey, and I figured hey, what better than the internet to keep me on track? Cause if I post my flabby thighs for y'all to see, I'm going to *have* to get in shape somehow so I can show you after pictures. Right? RIGHT.

So here I am, all 4 feet and 11 inches of me. I don't have a scale, but I think I'm somewhere around 136 (firmly in the "unhealthy overweight" category of someone of my size).

Try not to gag at the size of my arms. (But hey! Those are strong baby-lifting arms!)

P.S. Like my socks??? I triple puffy heart argyle socks.


Amanda said...

Okay, preaching to the choir sister!

For 1, you are NOT fat or anywhere near close to that. I think you are beautiful and you look FABULOUS! BUT...I understand what you are saying. I know where you are coming from. So if you are in it to lose it, I'll be here cheering you on.

Anonymous said...

Love you sweet Nanny. Love you for putting yourself out there, for documenting your weight struggles (I have done it off and on with my blog) and for being so honest.

With all that said, I think you look beautiful just the way you are. xoxo

Stephany said...

Yay, you! It's brave to put these photos up...and even more brave to post your weight! We're are going to rock this healthy weight loss thang! GO US!

Erin O. said...

Thanks for putting yourself out there. But I think you look just fine!

Monica H said...

I don't think you're fat or unhealthy. I think you look great, but that's just me!

Anonymous said...

You and me both, sista girl! I gots weight to lose! Big time. More than you. I have like 50 lbs. Daaaaaaaang. Imma fatty. I digress... I am excited to see your progress! Godo luck! I am cheering for you!