I can sleep once I graduate, right?

There's a long-running dilemma in my head about sleep and college. Here's a snippet of it (and yes, I realize this makes me sound INSANE and yes, I'm hoping my parents won't commit me to an institution after reading this):

Rational Self: Nanny. It's 11:30 p.m. You have to be up in 5.5 hours. GO TO SLEEP.

Irrational Self: But! But! It's COLLEGE! I'm supposed to be staying awake late and being with my friends and having fun!

R.S.: Nanny. Look at the circles under your eyes. Sleep is good! It recharges your body! It refreshes your mind!

I.S. But! But! It's COLLEGE! Nobody sleeps in COLLEGE! We're too busy having fun and doing hours and hours and hours of homework!

R.S.: Nanny. You'll be exhausted all day tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. You have both class AND work to be attentive to. You need to SLEEP. It prevents cancer. And wrinkles. And makes Baby Jesus smile.

I.S.: You're bossy. We're no longer speaking.


I.S.: NO.

Do you see what I have to live with? My Rational and Irrational Selves are trouble. TROUBLE, I tell you!

Alas, I *do* struggle with the sleep-vs-fun debate. I mean, I need sleep, and I know it. But on the other hand, college is probably going to be the last time in my life in which I have this much freedom, socialization at hand (dorms rock!), and energy. So I feel like I should zap it all up.

So...in the end, I'm getting too little sleep. But I'm having a damn fun time.

Edited to add: The night after I wrote this post I got 3 hours of sleep (2:30-5:30 a.m.) because I was up making notecards for an exam. That's fun to some people, I guess...?


Anonymous said...

Actually, lack-o-sleep in college is really good training for parenthood. See those dark circles under MY eyes?



Zanzibar George said...

So I kinda forgot about my Blogspot blog, but I've been really liking Tumblr lately. So.


There are links on Twitter.


Maybe I could somehow post on both blogs? WHATEVER. GO. READ.

P.S. Sleeping is for dead people.

The Nanny said...

@Zanzi - Oh, I check your blog from time to time hoping you'll have posted :D

And DUR, I already subscribe to your Tumblr. No worries. I stalk you.

Nic said...

What pops said.

Although my kids now sleep from ~8pm 'til 7am... I still don't manage to get to bed before midnight most days - my RS and IS get into the same arguments as yours!