Guilt-free's the way to be

So I was all set to come on here and post about how guilty I feel. I have a fricken AWESOME life.

-I have amazing friends
-I go to an AMAZING school
-I have an abundance of food
-I have good clothes
-I'm warm and safe
-I have great books to read and the ability to buy more
-I have my own computer and cell phone
-I can afford to give homeless people a few dollars or buy them a slice of pizza


Let's go back to the school thing. I work in DreamSchool's office of admissions, so I deal with prospective students on a regular basis. I talk to them on the phone, I email with them, and I take them on tour.

It is hard to know that a significant chunk of the people I interact with aren't going to get in. Maybe DreamSchool's not *their* dream school, but for a lot of the kids who walk through our doors it is. Because my school? Makes me happy every day. It is just incredible.

Sometimes I don't understand why I got to get into my dream school and so many people don't. Why was I so lucky? Why wasn't D.? Or my sister, who hadn't been accepted into a few of her top choices? Or the really sweet, funny, amazing girl I had on tour a few weeks ago who didn't get in?

I've been a bit down about this lately. Especially for my sister. She is so beautiful and talented as a dancer, and that's what she wants to do more than anything in life -- dance. But she's struggled with finding the right school for her.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from my mom. The night before, my sister was at dress rehearsal for the school musical. At the end of one of the pieces, she'd accidentally gotten kicked in the MOUTH by a guy. And as her lip was ballooning up and she was walking off stage she accidentally tripped and came down HARD on her knees and foot.

I ached for her. It's been a hard year for her in terms of her workload -- she dances EVERY DAY, hours every day, and comes home late at night to start homework and is up until 2 or 3 a.m., then awake at 6 or 6:30 to do it again. Yesterday, I couldn't get her off my mind.

And then I got another phone call from my mom. A letter from my sister's DREAM school came to our house. My sister was sure she wouldn't get in.




It seriously made my evening. I can't imagine the relief and happiness she must be feeling. I'm SO ridiculously proud of her!!!

This made things more right with the world :)


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news - I am so happy for you - and your sister!

Amanda said...

That is awesome news for your sister. And you are very lucky! Count your blessings every day! :)

Erin O. said...

AWWWW....so excited for her! And for you...glad your life is going so well!

Monica H said...

That's great news. Congrats to her!