Apartment drama: resolved. Sort of.

So I have an Apartment! Drama! update. Here it is in bullet point:

• We drew straws on who got first, second, third, etc., pick of bedrooms. I GOT FIRST PICK. HOLY SHIZZNICKIES. I picked a lovely room with a window and closet. I am happy.

• My sweet roommate who was on MY side with the pay less debacle got the smallest room. I feel guilty.

• We meet with the mediator. She recommends that we make Smallest Room Occupant pay $75 less per month. The others pay $18 more per month. I am okay with this.


• I am confused.

• I ask why my other roommates changed their mind. Long story short, this leads to tears and drama and angst and oh, have I mentioned we're all either on or approaching our periods? IT'S FUN.

• There are three days of tension.

• Then rainbows appear and kittens frolic and all of a sudden it seems like we're all okay?

And that is where we are now. We're all okay. And I'm afraid to breathe, lest I trigger ZOMG MORE DRAMA.



Jes said...

Glad everything worked out!

Bethany said...

I stumbled upon your blog after reading the story on some other blog about you personally delivering chocolate milk to Mckmama last summer...and how that went.

Anyhow....you are super funny and the bit of reading I've done on your blog is highly entertaining. Just wanted to let you know....since you said you like it when folks comment. :)

Monica H said...

I'm glad you got a great room and your friend gets to pay less- that's only fair.

Yay another angel just got wings :-)

niobe said...

Yay! That sounds fair to everyone!

The Nanny said...

@Bethany - Thank you!!!! Made my day :)

Nic said...

Yeah, I'm confused too. Did the mediator put things in a different way?

The Nanny said...

@Nic - nope. She made the same argument I did.