And this is why I love you ALL

Thank you so much for your comments on my ZOMG WEIGHT post and ZOMG ROOMMATE DRAMA post! I'm sending individual kisses to each one of you. Or, if you'd prefer, imaginary chocolate. ENJOY.

Re: weight: The truth is, I'm not huge. I know that. But the truth is, I am overweight -- someone who's 4'11 should weigh between 105-120. Any way you look at that, I'm at least 15 lbs heavier than I should be.

Also, I look much bigger from the front/back than I do from the side. This picture of me from last week's New York trip really has me glad I'm kicking my butt into gear!

That bum? NOT flattering.

I've been to the gym three days in a row now. My baaaaad knees have been giving me a bit of trouble, but I've been wearing both knee braces while walking on the treadmill and stretching before and after.

OH AND P.S.: have I mentioned that one of my (older, male) bosses works out at the same time I do on the treadmill next to me? AWKWARD. SRSLY.

Re: roommate issues: There's been no resolution. Two roommates are still insisting that everyone pay equally. I'm now the only roommate insisting that the smallest room pay less. Now there are two roommates not wanting to get involved. S'fun.

We're going back to see the apartment AGAIN on Tuesday. We'll draw numbers beforehand to see the order in which we can pick (whoever draws 1 picks first, whoever draws 2 picks second, etc.).

IF I get the 5th pick (and, therefore, smallest bedroom), we have an appointment with a woman in housing at DreamSchool. She'll be our mediator and hopefully can facilitate a resolution.

IF one of my two roommates who wants to pay equally (or the two roommates who don't want to get involved) gets the smallest bedroom, fine -- they can pay equally, but will have the option of sitting us down once we move in in September and changing their mind.

In the meantime, we're all avoiding the topic. Yesterday was LOTSADRAMAZOMG. Today is more civil.

I'm just thanking jeebus that we aren't PMSing or on our periods during this. Because can you imagine??? I'd have moved to Switzerland by now.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations on the gym. Maybe you need new walking shoes. They could change your life.

I'm glad you haven't moved to Switzerland and that yesterday was more civil. How was today?

I'm crossing my fingers over the draw!