Apartment drama: resolved. Sort of.

So I have an Apartment! Drama! update. Here it is in bullet point:

• We drew straws on who got first, second, third, etc., pick of bedrooms. I GOT FIRST PICK. HOLY SHIZZNICKIES. I picked a lovely room with a window and closet. I am happy.

• My sweet roommate who was on MY side with the pay less debacle got the smallest room. I feel guilty.

• We meet with the mediator. She recommends that we make Smallest Room Occupant pay $75 less per month. The others pay $18 more per month. I am okay with this.


• I am confused.

• I ask why my other roommates changed their mind. Long story short, this leads to tears and drama and angst and oh, have I mentioned we're all either on or approaching our periods? IT'S FUN.

• There are three days of tension.

• Then rainbows appear and kittens frolic and all of a sudden it seems like we're all okay?

And that is where we are now. We're all okay. And I'm afraid to breathe, lest I trigger ZOMG MORE DRAMA.



Weight pictures week 3


GYM! I did Mon., Tues., Wed. & Fri. No Thursday. But there's a good reason for that! I spent my only alloted gym time on the phone trying to find doctors to see me to diagnose me with pink eye. It was FUN.

I actually missed going on Thursday! I was happy to go back on Friday. I'm *crawling* on the treadmill - starting at 2.2mph and working up to 3.0 or 3.1, but my knees are tolerating it. I'm hoping to slooooowly increase.

FOOD! Good with this too! I'm still on the bandwagon. No major crashes this week. Healthy choices. Smaller portions. Let's see how long I can keep this up! (I CAN DO THIS!)

PICTURES! Voila, cheres.

I do see a difference, now. My clothes are looser and I can *tell* I've lost weight (just don't know how much since I don't have a scale). My previously snug skinny jeans are now SAGGY IN THE BUTT.


Normally I'd be thrilled about this, but damn, these are nice jeans and they weren't cheap. Oh well. Skinnier > jeans, I guess.


Week 1
Week 2


I can sleep once I graduate, right?

There's a long-running dilemma in my head about sleep and college. Here's a snippet of it (and yes, I realize this makes me sound INSANE and yes, I'm hoping my parents won't commit me to an institution after reading this):

Rational Self: Nanny. It's 11:30 p.m. You have to be up in 5.5 hours. GO TO SLEEP.

Irrational Self: But! But! It's COLLEGE! I'm supposed to be staying awake late and being with my friends and having fun!

R.S.: Nanny. Look at the circles under your eyes. Sleep is good! It recharges your body! It refreshes your mind!

I.S. But! But! It's COLLEGE! Nobody sleeps in COLLEGE! We're too busy having fun and doing hours and hours and hours of homework!

R.S.: Nanny. You'll be exhausted all day tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. You have both class AND work to be attentive to. You need to SLEEP. It prevents cancer. And wrinkles. And makes Baby Jesus smile.

I.S.: You're bossy. We're no longer speaking.


I.S.: NO.

Do you see what I have to live with? My Rational and Irrational Selves are trouble. TROUBLE, I tell you!

Alas, I *do* struggle with the sleep-vs-fun debate. I mean, I need sleep, and I know it. But on the other hand, college is probably going to be the last time in my life in which I have this much freedom, socialization at hand (dorms rock!), and energy. So I feel like I should zap it all up.

So...in the end, I'm getting too little sleep. But I'm having a damn fun time.

Edited to add: The night after I wrote this post I got 3 hours of sleep (2:30-5:30 a.m.) because I was up making notecards for an exam. That's fun to some people, I guess...?



(This is three days late, but OH WELL. I = a day (or two) late and a dollar (or several) short.)

(Also, ignore the fact that these are fake flowers.)

(Shutting up now.)


Weight pictures week 2


GYM! I completed (sorta) the Monday-Friday gym challenge that I had with Stephany. Sorta = I went Mon-Fri (woot!) but by Friday my knees/legs were hurting so badly that I could only do 1/2 the time I wanted too (boo!).

I'm *slightly* frustrated by the fact that my knees won't let me do a brisk walk on the treadmill. Because I'm motivated to exercise, and can't.

I'm going to try again this coming Mon-Fri. I'll go easier on the treadmill speed and hope that helps, and continue stretching & wearing braces.

FOOD! I did well!!! I managed to stay on the bandwagon with only one major binge -- last night I gave in to a huge bowl of non-cheese goldfish dipped in hummus (baaaaad me). BUT. Back on the bandwagon today, soldiering forward.

PICTURES! I don't see much of a change, but hey: putting 'em up there anyway. I took the pictures standing farther from the mirror, so I think I look smaller than I am. Don't know about weight since I don't have a scale. Jeans and skirts fit a bit looser.

My motivation is waning a bit but I *am* keeping going. I want to do this. I need to do this.

I am going to do this.


Forget my new apartment

I've found a new place I want to live. Forever. Permanently.

Here's what it looks like:

*happy sigh*

It's a tiny bookstore in Nyack, NY. I was there just a few days ago and the only thing stopping me from moving in right then and there was a certain cat who seemed less than willing to share her space.

Stupid cat.

I mean, I love cats. I LOVE cats. But this one was like, "Oh HELL to the no, this is MY turf, beeyotch."

Or something like that.

Anyway, this place had literally thousands of books. They were overflowing the shelves, stacked all over the floor, spilling onto the few aisles the bookstore had. It was heaven. HEAVEN, I tell you.

If only I hadn't spent all my money on a trip to New York City the week before, I would have bought the place. But that's a whole 'nother post.


And this is why I love you ALL

Thank you so much for your comments on my ZOMG WEIGHT post and ZOMG ROOMMATE DRAMA post! I'm sending individual kisses to each one of you. Or, if you'd prefer, imaginary chocolate. ENJOY.

Re: weight: The truth is, I'm not huge. I know that. But the truth is, I am overweight -- someone who's 4'11 should weigh between 105-120. Any way you look at that, I'm at least 15 lbs heavier than I should be.

Also, I look much bigger from the front/back than I do from the side. This picture of me from last week's New York trip really has me glad I'm kicking my butt into gear!

That bum? NOT flattering.

I've been to the gym three days in a row now. My baaaaad knees have been giving me a bit of trouble, but I've been wearing both knee braces while walking on the treadmill and stretching before and after.

OH AND P.S.: have I mentioned that one of my (older, male) bosses works out at the same time I do on the treadmill next to me? AWKWARD. SRSLY.

Re: roommate issues: There's been no resolution. Two roommates are still insisting that everyone pay equally. I'm now the only roommate insisting that the smallest room pay less. Now there are two roommates not wanting to get involved. S'fun.

We're going back to see the apartment AGAIN on Tuesday. We'll draw numbers beforehand to see the order in which we can pick (whoever draws 1 picks first, whoever draws 2 picks second, etc.).

IF I get the 5th pick (and, therefore, smallest bedroom), we have an appointment with a woman in housing at DreamSchool. She'll be our mediator and hopefully can facilitate a resolution.

IF one of my two roommates who wants to pay equally (or the two roommates who don't want to get involved) gets the smallest bedroom, fine -- they can pay equally, but will have the option of sitting us down once we move in in September and changing their mind.

In the meantime, we're all avoiding the topic. Yesterday was LOTSADRAMAZOMG. Today is more civil.

I'm just thanking jeebus that we aren't PMSing or on our periods during this. Because can you imagine??? I'd have moved to Switzerland by now.


Roommate issues

So now that we've signed a lease on our Brand! New! Apartment! for next year, the 5 of us (who normally get along fabulously) are in the midst of a Big! Angry! Fight! and it is Driving! Me! Crazy!

So: halp? Plz?

Here's the deal. Our apartment is 5 bedrooms. 4 bedrooms are HUGE with big windows and built-in closets. 1 bedroom is TINY with no (zero) windows and no (zero) closets.

We're drawing numbers out of a hat to see who gets which room. Roomie who draws #1 gets first pick of rooms. Roomie who draws #2 gets second pick of rooms. Etc.

Two of us think this way (me included): Person who gets stuck with tiny bedroom with no windows and no closet (and who would have to pay money to BUY some sort of armoire or clothing rack to put in her already tiny room) should have to pay $20/month less than the other girls (which means the other 4 would have to pay $5 more per month).

Two of us think another way: Everybody pays equally whether they have the tiniest bedroom or not.

One roommate is on the fence and won't make a decision.

I'm a naturally stubborn person, and I know in a lot of cases this makes me unreasonable. But I just can't come to terms with making whoever gets stuck with the smallest bedroom pay the same as everyone else.

THEN there's the issue of one of my roommates arguing that $20/month (what the person in the smallest room would be saving) isn't that much money. DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT ARGUMENT.

I don't know. We should have worked this out before we signed the lease, but we didn't. And now we're arguing. Please: opinions? Suggestions? Am I being unreasonable? (If I am, I'll back down. I swear.)

Please help?

Edited to add: I found out that the people who are currently in the apartment allow the person with the tiny room to pay $100 less per month than the others. I'd still be fine with $20. And...the only thing we can agree on is that we're not willing to double up in a room.


The post in which I HOLY CRAP put myself out there


I'm just going to warn you now...if you're eating dinner, you may wanna skip this post. Or at least, don't scroll down. Cause there are pictures of me IN A CAMISOLE AND SHORT SHORTS ZOMG!!

Here's the deal. I've always struggled with eating and my weight along with 99 million other people. I gained a LOT of weight during high school, then lost a lot of it after I graduated, but it's slowly creeping back on in college.

And it MUST STOP because I won't have anything to wear anymore.


Stephany is on her own weight-loss journey, and she's inspired me to kick my sorry derriere into gear as well. I'm sick of my thunder thighs and my poochy belly. SICK, I tell you!

Anyway. For the past week or so, Stephany and I have been texting each other every night with what we've eaten that day as a way to keep each other in check. This week has been hard since I was in New York all week, eating out a lot, and it was MY BIRTH-DIZZLE. But! BUT. NO LONGER, SELF.

Stephany decided to take pictures of herself along her journey, and I figured hey, what better than the internet to keep me on track? Cause if I post my flabby thighs for y'all to see, I'm going to *have* to get in shape somehow so I can show you after pictures. Right? RIGHT.

So here I am, all 4 feet and 11 inches of me. I don't have a scale, but I think I'm somewhere around 136 (firmly in the "unhealthy overweight" category of someone of my size).

Try not to gag at the size of my arms. (But hey! Those are strong baby-lifting arms!)

P.S. Like my socks??? I triple puffy heart argyle socks.


Sasha's got a 'tude

So Sasha my beloved iPhone came with a weather app on her. Which is helpful when I need to know the weather and I'm too lazy to load weather.com on Safari and need a quick estimate of the current temperature.

But it is absolutely positively certainly not helpful during the winter months in the northeast.

See, Sasha's weather app display *permanently* says it's 73 degrees and sunny. At least until you open the app, see the current weather for where you currently are, and realize it's actually 20-something degrees and sleeting.


I'm sitting in my roommate's house in Cape Cod listening to a Nor'easter blow over. The wind is furious, it's raining heavily and it is c-o-l-d COLD. I'm ready for some springtime, yo. In the meantime, all I can do is stare at Sasha's weather app, and dream of warmer days.

Damn iPhone tease. Good thing Nanny loves her little Sasha Fierce.


Confession time: Year III

It's time! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY, Y'ALL. And this is a big one. The last big birthday until 30. Or 40. Or 50. Or HOLY CRAP I NEED TO STOP.

But: my birthday! You know what that means. Or if you don't, allow me to explain.

Every year on my birthday (well, for the last two years) I've held a confession post. Here's 2008, here's 2009. You can confess *anything* -- no matter how big, how small, and there's no limit. Confess as many times as you want! If you need to get it off your mind, DO.

There're two rules:
1) Comment ANONYMOUSLY. Make *sure* you check the "anonymous" button. (I mean, technically you can leave a public comment...it's up to you.)
2) No lambasting any one else's secret(s). You can respond to others' secrets, but PLAY NICE, y'all.

Now: In the interest of full disclosure, I do have a StatCounter on my blog. But I sweartojeebus, all I know how to do with it is look at how many hits I get. I will not look at the StatCounter results from the confession post. I will not try to figure out who you are. I promise.

It's my birthday! Gimme some good confessions! I'll sprinkle some of my own throughout as well :)


Guilt-free's the way to be

So I was all set to come on here and post about how guilty I feel. I have a fricken AWESOME life.

-I have amazing friends
-I go to an AMAZING school
-I have an abundance of food
-I have good clothes
-I'm warm and safe
-I have great books to read and the ability to buy more
-I have my own computer and cell phone
-I can afford to give homeless people a few dollars or buy them a slice of pizza


Let's go back to the school thing. I work in DreamSchool's office of admissions, so I deal with prospective students on a regular basis. I talk to them on the phone, I email with them, and I take them on tour.

It is hard to know that a significant chunk of the people I interact with aren't going to get in. Maybe DreamSchool's not *their* dream school, but for a lot of the kids who walk through our doors it is. Because my school? Makes me happy every day. It is just incredible.

Sometimes I don't understand why I got to get into my dream school and so many people don't. Why was I so lucky? Why wasn't D.? Or my sister, who hadn't been accepted into a few of her top choices? Or the really sweet, funny, amazing girl I had on tour a few weeks ago who didn't get in?

I've been a bit down about this lately. Especially for my sister. She is so beautiful and talented as a dancer, and that's what she wants to do more than anything in life -- dance. But she's struggled with finding the right school for her.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from my mom. The night before, my sister was at dress rehearsal for the school musical. At the end of one of the pieces, she'd accidentally gotten kicked in the MOUTH by a guy. And as her lip was ballooning up and she was walking off stage she accidentally tripped and came down HARD on her knees and foot.

I ached for her. It's been a hard year for her in terms of her workload -- she dances EVERY DAY, hours every day, and comes home late at night to start homework and is up until 2 or 3 a.m., then awake at 6 or 6:30 to do it again. Yesterday, I couldn't get her off my mind.

And then I got another phone call from my mom. A letter from my sister's DREAM school came to our house. My sister was sure she wouldn't get in.




It seriously made my evening. I can't imagine the relief and happiness she must be feeling. I'm SO ridiculously proud of her!!!

This made things more right with the world :)


By popular request...


On that note, remind me to call Wally!! the Landlord and tell him not to paint the walls. I LOVE THAT COLOR.


NEW winner

I didn't hear from Mim to claim her necklace, so I drew another winner, and it's....


Amber's getting the blue glass necklace with pearls :) Email me at theonlinenanny at gmail dot com!

Back to your regularly scheduled nanny/college girl blogging tomorrow! ALSO: my annual birthday confession post is coming up on the 10th! Get ready to (anonymously) share your deepest darkests!



Out of 472 (WOW) entries for the Penelope's Porch giveaway, my BFFL the Random Number Generator picked...

#115 - MIM!

Congratulations, Mim! You won the Blue Rose Necklace!!! You have 48 hours to email me or I'll pick a new winner (which would be sad for you. But maybe happy for someone else).

I gotta admit, guys, I was nervous before clicking the "generate" button. I wanted you ALL to win because I LOVE YOU ALL SRSLY. And so did Penelope. So she's offering a "Secret Sale" to you all — 20% off any one item in her shop — as a consolation for not winning :)

For the discount, you have until March 7 to order. A refund of 20% will be deposited back to your paypal account immediately after checkout.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered!!! You all seriously made my week SO HAPPY, seeing comments rolling in :) LOVE. YOU. ALL.


This blog is magic

So...I blog about looking for an apartment. And THE NEXT DAY, we find an apartment.

And it is a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y perfect.

I'm so not even kidding.

-The price is lower than I thought possible, and INCLUDES heat & hot water.
-We are 20 minutes from DreamSchool, 5 minutes (walking) from the subway.
-Hardwoods and crown molding.
-Exposed brick and faux-fireplaces.
-In an adorable kitschy area that has great bookstores, restaurants, shops, etc.
-A landlord named Wally

I mean, can you even believe it??? A LANDLORD NAMED WALLY? An adorable, grumpy, adorable, squatty, ADORABLE old man named WALLY?

And it's cat friendly.

I have died and gone to apartment heaven. I should go buy lottery tickets.

We saw it last night, fell in love, and this morning submitted first month's rent and our rental application. We're pushing to sign a lease after our spring break - like March 14 or 15.

I'm also kind of half-wondering if Wally is hiding a dead body in the closet there. Remind me to check next time I go drool over/look at my new APARTMENT.

This Happy Apartment High has lasted long enough to keep me from panicking about the paper I had due today! or the 6 interviews I've conducted last night and this afternoon! or the quiz I have tomorrow! or the article I have due tomorrow! or the MIDTERM I have tomorrow!

Which basically means that finding apartments = magic. Just like this blog.

And one other thing: look!*

It's purty. And funky. And I love it. And it looks fabulous with my room. And I cannot. wait. to see Wally's face when I bring it to my new APARTMENT!

*Thanks to CSN stores! I love the lamp!!! Jamie was incredible to work with & made the whole process so easy. PLUS it shipped and got to me so quickly!

Last day to enter!

Get your entries to the Etsy necklace giveaway in by tomorrow at 6 pm!!!