The perks of being a blogflower

So...this blog post is solely for the purpose of full disclosure. And not without much guilt. And LOTS of thinking and mulling things over. Which is unusual for me. Because I rarely think. Much less mull.

I got an e-mail last week from a woman who works for CSN stores (which includes mail boxes). She wanted to know if I wanted to review (and, therefore, receive) something of my choice from any of their stores.


Two things ran through my head:



2) BUT. I have to devote two posts to this: a teaser post, with a link to the site, and a second "review" post once I receive the object.

To be completely honest, I really struggled with the decision. Because my blog? Is not very commercial. At all. There aren't any adds. While I triple-puffy-heart blog followers (and live for comments), they're not my main motivation to blog. (Well, that's sort of a lie. LOVE ME! FOLLOW MY BLOG! COMMENT!)

My main motivation to blog is so that ten or five hundred years from now I can look back and see what I was like way back when. Because I love being able to do that from September 2007 when I first started Ye Olde (Online) Nanny Diaries. And I love to talk. A lot.

My point is...this is my blog, and I love it and you all (SO MUCH, I'd marry you all if I could), and I was terrified that you all wouldn't like it if I did this whole review-and-I-get-something-free thing.

I really struggled. Because I know how I've felt watching blogs I love get all commercialized. And they change. And I don't like it.

But...free stuff.

Specifically, in my case, I chose a free lamp. Specifically, this lamp (in "grass" with the "snowflake" shade).

I really, really went back and forth on saying yes to this. I totally understand if you hate that I did this. I totally understand if you think it's super cool that I did this (FREE STUFF!). I totally understand if you love the lamp so much that you go out and buy one yourself.

I don't anticipate getting many more offers to review (and receive) free stuff. But this one...this worked out. I needed a second lamp for my dorm room. And this one is awesome, and I really like it.

I promise not to go all commercialized on you guys. Promise promise promise. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.

SO I'm leaving the comments open on this post. I'd really love to know if you hate that I'm doing this. Because if you do, sweartojeebus I won't do this ever again. Because though this blog is mine...because you read it, it's your blog too.


Evil Angel said...

I think you can do reviews without going commercial. Just restrict yourself to reviews on products that "you" will and or do use and keep it honest. You might not get a million review offers but you'll be able to enjoy knowing that you offered good information to your readers and maybe help some save a little time and money.

There is no wrong in what you are doing so don't worry, we love you and your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nanny :)

I think I originally found you through Sugar and Minivan Mom, who I found through Charity Mom.. it's a tangled web, but been reading so long, I can't remember the exactness!
I love your open and honest writing and it's a regular stop for me! And, I love free stuff, so I vote you go with it, and like the other commenter said, review the items that you would actually use and like!

Lots of luck at school - looks like you are having a blast :)
Erin in NH

Anonymous said...

I vote go for it. Everyone loves free stuff! (Including me. So feel free to send it down my way.)

-Your sister

Angie said...

Free stuff is good, and it's awesome just to be chosen/asked to do things like this! Congrats. What a nice lamp. :)

Monica H said...

I think reviews are fine as long as it is something you truly like/use/believe in. And a free lamp is awesome!