Hormones! Hormones!

So I live with 5 roommates. All female. And while they are all my friends and I chose to live with them and this is usually quite lovely and kind of like SWEET, INSTANT SOCIALIZATION!, occaaaasionally we have our problems.

Like once a month.



It took us about three months to all, um, "sync up." (wheee faramones!) And our first month of being, um, "together" was December.

Which was exam time.

Which meant we were all averaging oh, ZERO hours of sleep a night and consuming mind-blowing amounts of calories and stressed TO. THE. MAX.

Here are some examples of how we were two months ago:

Roomie A holed up in her room with her boyfriend and studied (translation: NOT STUDIED) 24/7. They're kinky like that.

Roomie B I don't think I saw for the entire month of December because she was always gone doing plays and other theatre-y things.

Roomie C hold up in her room with her male-friend-who-is-not-her-boyfriend and studied fanatically (translation: REALLY STUDIED) 24/7.

Roomie D, who is quite possibly the nicest person on the planet, ran around to each of us wanting to know if she could help us study. "Can I help you?" "What can I do for you?" "Do you need me to quiz you?" "School is hard!"

Roomie E discovered how wonderfully satisfying it was to shout the word BALLS in moments of frustration. (It really is: you should try it when you're not around people.) So my interaction with Roomie E mainly consisted of this kind of situation:

Me: "Hi, Roomie E."
Me: "How're you doing?"
E: "BALLS!!"
Me: "Have you started studying yet?"


And what about me? How did I deal with stress + hormones? Kind of like how I deal with packing: put everything off until the last minute, panic, and end up in the fetal position on my roommates' floors wailing about how I'm going to fail and because of that I'll end up a homeless bag lady.


But. But! I have good news! We all survived exam time and we all survived last month's cycle too! And we don't all hate each other! So now we're just stocking up on the Ben & Jerry's and emo music for this month's cycle!


Anonymous said...

How fun!!! I have two sisters and I love female drama!

Angie said...

My best friend and I were quite similar all through childhood and growing up until we lived in different towns as adults. My Mom and I were ALWAYS one week apart while I was growing up and that was enough hormones in our house so I give you mad kudos for living with 5 others on the same cycle as you. You're a ROCKSTAR!

Kait said...

Oh my dear Lord.

I am so glad you live in Dream School city/Tay-has and I live in the Arctic/Michigan.

Things could get crazy otherwise.

Anonymous said...

mmmm purty rings.

Monica H said...

Balls!ha ha! I'm going to have to try that one.

Glad you got through it.