Yay awards!

Thank you, Kayla!!! I'm blushing.

Apartments, renter's fees and security deposits: oh my!

So I'm entering the Holy Crap Where Am I Going To Live Next Year? phase of my life. Meaning: I'm no longer going to be living on campus. Meaning: I'm going to have to be living elsewhere. Meaning: I'm APARTMENT SEARCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(By the way: all those exclamation points? Sarcasm, my friends.)

It's the week before spring break and midterms are slamming themselves on me and I've worked twice the number of hours I normally have the past two weeks and slept half the time and I'm trying to be a full-time reporter and a full-time student a part-time employee and a friend and a daughter and a sister and oh wait, that's due tomorrow?!?!? and we're seeing dozens of apartments and trying to sign a lease BY FRIDAY and yes: 'sfun.

So this morning one of my roommates and I traipsed across town to meet with a realtor to start seeing apartments. Start. Start seeing apartments. We have less than a week to see, find, and pay four months' rent on an apartment.

And it didn't go so well because the realtor was 30 minutes late and she had a broken finger and keys weren't working and apartments were messy and drama, BUT ZOMG YOU GUYS: it made it all worth it when we walked into the 72nd apartment of the day and there was a CAT.

A cat on the floor. Playing with a ball of yarn. A CAT ON THE FLOOR PLAYING WITH A BALL OF YARN.

I cried when the realtor said the cat wasn't included with the apartment.

But now my priorities in apartment searching have shifted: it's no longer 1) price 2) location 3) everything else. It's 1) CAT-FRIENDLY and 2) everything else.

And now I'm rereading this post and realizing that I've gone in 14 different directions but I don't have time to fix it because I have an interview to conduct and then 114 more apartments to see. So, basically, I LOVE YOU if you got through this, and also, I'm sorry.

OH, and also: I realize now that I probably should have a list of questions to ask realtors about apartments. Like "Where is the closest liquor store?" (KIDDING, MOTHER) and "Who do I call if my dishwasher won't work?" Right?

Um, intranets? What questions do I want to ask about apartments?


If by "scarf for my dog" I meant "throw for my bed"

So I kinda went overboard on the arf-scay.

Now I'm making a scarf for Max. I swear. It's sitting right next to me.



Oh, you guys, I have a treat for you! Here is what I am currently doing (besides typing): bouncing around my room, twirling, and singing a giveaway! a giveaway! a giveaway! a giveaway! and on and on and on because you guys LOOK:

Penny from Penelope's Porch is offering one of you lovely amazing wonderful beautiful people the necklace of your choice out of these three options:

Aqua Flowers and Yellow Dahlia Charm Necklace:

Blue Rose with Vintage Glass Pearls Locket Necklace:

Vintage Pink Glass Owl on Locket Necklace:

Happy sigh.

SO: here's what you can do to win one of the above necklaces of your choice! ***please leave the correct number of comments for EACH entry -- for example, if you follow my blog, leave THREE comments, not just one***

1) Let me know which necklace you'd choose! (MANDATORY. 1 entry)
2) Follow me on Twitter @theonlinenanny (3 entries) (if you already do follow, you count too! leave three comments for that)
3) Follow my blog publicly! (3 entries) (if you already do follow, you count too! leave three comments for that)
4) Blog about this giveaway (and let me know that you do) (3 entries)
4) Buy something from Penelope's Porch. (5 entries)

By my calculations, that's 16 zillion ways to enter. You guys have until March 3 at 6 p.m. to enter. I'll announce the winner on the blog, and he/she has 48 hours to email me to claim his/her prize -- or a new winner will be chosen. Aaaaaand GO!



Bloggy award time!

THANK YOU to Jes from Exposing the Drapes to my 20's for nominating me for this :)

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and insert a link to their blog.
2. Pass on the award to 15 other bloggers who you think are GREAT! (GAH this is my least favorite part of any meme/blog award! POPULARITY CONTEST! I'm breaking out in sweat just remembering high school!)
3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they have been chosen for this award.
4. Say 6 things that you are a


1. PROCRASTINATING. Which explains why it took me 6 days to write this post. Oh, and I should probably do my homework from three weeks ago, too.

2. EATING. Hot damn, I am good at this. I met my new lover last night. It's called Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream.

3. SLEEPING. I could win olympic medals. Not even kidding. I can go to sleep on command. Here! I'll do it now! Zzzzxxxxxzx.

4. SPREADING MYSELF TOO THIN OVER TEH INTRANETS! I have 2 Twitter accounts, 4 email accounts, 5 blogs (2 for school, 1 for work, 2 personal), a Facebook and a MySpace (which, admittedly, I don't use at all), and 215 feeds in my Bloglines. THIS IS WHY I'M FAILING SCHOOL. (kidding, mother! no, really. NO, REALLY. I'm passing! I promise!)

5. MAKING MY BED EVERY DAY (AT SCHOOL). At school, I am a master of this. At home, I am a failure at this.

6. FINDING WAYS TO JUSTIFY EATING JUNK FOOD. At this? I *win*. Ice cream is great for you! It has dairy! Veggie booty is no problem to eat in large quantities! You're getting your vegetables! Snickers bars are HEALTHY, dur. They have PEANUTS in them. That's PROTEIN. That's GOOD.

7. MAKING LISTS. I can't function without lists. And the most satisfying thing IN THE WORLD is crossing every item off a to-do list. Sometimes I make to-do lists for fake things just so I can cross things off. Sometimes. Er. Somethingsomething.

And now to pass it on... (here's the point where I wrack my brain and try to think of 15 people I a) am not too intimidated by to give this to them and b) think will actually want/need/do this.)



*scans Bloglines, looking for people who fit under the specifications above*

*comes up with a few names*

*blink* *blinkblink*



OKAY FINE. I don't have 15 people. Here are a few, though:


aaaaand...the end.

If I didn't pick you, you have my permission to come slap me upside the head. And then take this award yourself and RUN WITH IT.


Because I *heart* you all

Lately, I've been entering blogging giveaways. Like a lot of them. Like it's interfering with my sleeping. And class-going (KIDDING MOTHER).

But! I've been winning things! Really cool things! Like:

1) a bracelet
2) earrings (that I can't find a link for -- but they're really cool! They're copper!)
3) an Icky Sticky bag
4) a pretty scarf
5) a BRUGO travel mug
6) a cool print

Since I am just uberfabulous, here are some of my favorite giveaway blogs that I've won with:

Etsy Giveaways
Free Blog Giveaways
Giveaway Today
Shrimp Salad Circus
Helping Mommy's Win
Jabbering Jessi
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Silver Savings
JDaniel4's Mom
Crystal B's Ideas and Giveaways


That is A LOT of links. But they're good, I promise! Good luck :)

*None of these people asked me to link to them. I'm doing it because I like their site/have won something there. Swear.


Look! A video blog!

So here's where you all start to watch the video below and realize three things:

1) I look NOTHING like you pictured I'd look.
2) I sound NOTHING like you thought I'd sound.
3) I am a COMPLETE and TOTAL spaz and I got distracted about 14 times during the video and forgot to finish 14 sentences.



Etsy love

So I love Etsy. A lot. A whole lot. I stalk it. I drool over it. I wish I could buy almost every single thing on it.

I *rarely* splurge on myself. But I saw this sweet little necklace from Penelope's Porch, I couldn't resist...

Isn't it sweet? I just love it. Happy, happy Etsy-lovin' sigh...

P.S. The card that the necklace is resting on is from my mom. :)


V-day 2010

Look how long pupster Max's scarf is!

So last year I spent Valentine's Day without my significant other (long distance SUCKS), eating Cherry Garcia ice cream and watching TV.

This year, I spent Valentine's Day writing a paper, knitting with my roommates, listening to music, girl-talking, and even doing some (gasp!) reading for pleasure.

It was absolutely lovely.

I may not have D. anymore, but I have my wonderful roommates and friends, and I'm happy. Tonight I'll do some more knitting, perhaps snuggle on the couch with a movie, and maybe pay a visit to boytoy Sean later tonight. So: all in all, a wonderful day.

Except I could have used less paper-writing.


Bowling shoes

So my roommates and I went to this crazy invite-only bowling alley that looked like it hadn't been touched since 1952. It was so old that you have to press a button YOURSELF to change the pins out. I KNOW.

It was so cool.


The perks of being a blogflower

So...this blog post is solely for the purpose of full disclosure. And not without much guilt. And LOTS of thinking and mulling things over. Which is unusual for me. Because I rarely think. Much less mull.

I got an e-mail last week from a woman who works for CSN stores (which includes mail boxes). She wanted to know if I wanted to review (and, therefore, receive) something of my choice from any of their stores.


Two things ran through my head:



2) BUT. I have to devote two posts to this: a teaser post, with a link to the site, and a second "review" post once I receive the object.

To be completely honest, I really struggled with the decision. Because my blog? Is not very commercial. At all. There aren't any adds. While I triple-puffy-heart blog followers (and live for comments), they're not my main motivation to blog. (Well, that's sort of a lie. LOVE ME! FOLLOW MY BLOG! COMMENT!)

My main motivation to blog is so that ten or five hundred years from now I can look back and see what I was like way back when. Because I love being able to do that from September 2007 when I first started Ye Olde (Online) Nanny Diaries. And I love to talk. A lot.

My point is...this is my blog, and I love it and you all (SO MUCH, I'd marry you all if I could), and I was terrified that you all wouldn't like it if I did this whole review-and-I-get-something-free thing.

I really struggled. Because I know how I've felt watching blogs I love get all commercialized. And they change. And I don't like it.

But...free stuff.

Specifically, in my case, I chose a free lamp. Specifically, this lamp (in "grass" with the "snowflake" shade).

I really, really went back and forth on saying yes to this. I totally understand if you hate that I did this. I totally understand if you think it's super cool that I did this (FREE STUFF!). I totally understand if you love the lamp so much that you go out and buy one yourself.

I don't anticipate getting many more offers to review (and receive) free stuff. But this one...this worked out. I needed a second lamp for my dorm room. And this one is awesome, and I really like it.

I promise not to go all commercialized on you guys. Promise promise promise. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.

SO I'm leaving the comments open on this post. I'd really love to know if you hate that I'm doing this. Because if you do, sweartojeebus I won't do this ever again. Because though this blog is mine...because you read it, it's your blog too.


Yarny goodness

So over a year ago I posted a one-sentence blog post with a title that, completely unrelated to the post, mentioned how I wanted to learn how to crochet.

WELL. The crocheting didn't work out (mostly because I never actually tried to learn) BUT I did learn to knit!


So much yarny goodness! My dear friend leant me her needles (which are now on my BIRTHDAY WANT list) (*ahem,* mom and dad, 33 days) (ZOMG 33 days!!!) (GAH 33 days I AM OLD) (okay back to the post) and spent several hours coaching me through one row of clumsy, loose stitches.

But now I can do it on my own! I am ridiculously excited. It's so calming. And makes me feel productive. Cause I'm knitting and that is totally badass NO MATTER HOW MUCH CRAP I GET FROM BOYTOY SEAN ABOUT ME BEING 90 YEARS OLD.

We're not going to talk about the fact that I spent my Friday night knitting and watching the second part of the O'Reilly Factor but only because Jon Stewart is on it and Jon Stewart is HAWT.

Oh: and in case you were wondering, I'm making pupster Max a scarf. Because I can.


Hormones! Hormones!

So I live with 5 roommates. All female. And while they are all my friends and I chose to live with them and this is usually quite lovely and kind of like SWEET, INSTANT SOCIALIZATION!, occaaaasionally we have our problems.

Like once a month.



It took us about three months to all, um, "sync up." (wheee faramones!) And our first month of being, um, "together" was December.

Which was exam time.

Which meant we were all averaging oh, ZERO hours of sleep a night and consuming mind-blowing amounts of calories and stressed TO. THE. MAX.

Here are some examples of how we were two months ago:

Roomie A holed up in her room with her boyfriend and studied (translation: NOT STUDIED) 24/7. They're kinky like that.

Roomie B I don't think I saw for the entire month of December because she was always gone doing plays and other theatre-y things.

Roomie C hold up in her room with her male-friend-who-is-not-her-boyfriend and studied fanatically (translation: REALLY STUDIED) 24/7.

Roomie D, who is quite possibly the nicest person on the planet, ran around to each of us wanting to know if she could help us study. "Can I help you?" "What can I do for you?" "Do you need me to quiz you?" "School is hard!"

Roomie E discovered how wonderfully satisfying it was to shout the word BALLS in moments of frustration. (It really is: you should try it when you're not around people.) So my interaction with Roomie E mainly consisted of this kind of situation:

Me: "Hi, Roomie E."
Me: "How're you doing?"
E: "BALLS!!"
Me: "Have you started studying yet?"


And what about me? How did I deal with stress + hormones? Kind of like how I deal with packing: put everything off until the last minute, panic, and end up in the fetal position on my roommates' floors wailing about how I'm going to fail and because of that I'll end up a homeless bag lady.


But. But! I have good news! We all survived exam time and we all survived last month's cycle too! And we don't all hate each other! So now we're just stocking up on the Ben & Jerry's and emo music for this month's cycle!


Snot stew

I have had a cold for about five days now and I am honestly just wondering how much more snot can possibly be left in my head.


No names

So I love names. Like a lot. Like my future children are going to have 14 names apiece, tacked on one after the other like a string of Christmas lights.

And I'm *really* picky about what names I like. Absolutely NO NO NO creative spellings. No y's where there are supposed to be e's or i's. No superfluous letters. No made up words. No boys names as girls names. Basically, the name Kenzington Aydynne Ryleigh for a girl is about as bad as you can get.

(No offense to you creative-spellers/unique-namers: it's just not my taste.)

So when I do find names that I like, they go on my OFFICIAL LAMINATED LIST OF NAMES. Which isn't really laminated because if I had to re-laminate each time I changed my mind/added a name, the world would would be out of laminate paper.

Recently, I had my bubble burst about two names I liked. Neither pair were at the top of my list, but I did like the names together. But boytoy Sean went and had to MESS EVERYTHING UP.

The name Addie is one I've always liked. Not short for Addison (that's a boy's name), but short for Adelaide or something like that. And I think Addie Clare/Claire is a sweet little combination. Except when boytoy Sean heard that, this is what happened:

Me: "Sean! I like names. LET'S TALK ABOUT THEM."
Sean: *whimper*
Me: "Here is a complete list of the names I like and now we are going to talk about why I like them."
Sean: *whimper*
Me: "Blah, blah, blah, name, name, name, Addie Claire, name, name, name, bla--"
Me: blink. blinkblink
Sean: "Addie Claire is a TERRIBLE name."
Me: "WHY?!?!?!?"
Sean: "Because it sounds like you're saying "I DECLARE" in a southern accent!"
Me: *mouth agape*

He's right. He's totally right. It totally does. Try it. Now when I say "Addie Claire" I can't not think "AH DE-CLAYRE". The name is ruined. RUINED, I SAY.

Several weeks later, we had another conversation:
Me: "Sean! I like names. LET'S TALK ABOUT THEM."
Sean: *whimper*
Me: "I've revised my list since our last discussion. Let's go over the changes!"
Sean: *whimper*
Me: "Blah, blah, blah, name, name, name, Ada Sparrow*, name, name, name, bla--"
Sean: "--ADA SPARROW?"
Me: *SIGH* "What now?"
Me: *headdesk*

He's right again. Dang it all to heck, he's right. Ada Sparrow sounds like "ate a sparrow." So now that's off the list too. GREAT. JUST GREAT, BOYTOY SEAN.

I'm fairly sure the rest of my list is okay and doesn't sound like I'm extremely southern or that I eat birds. But I find out that Eliza Grace sounds like "He lies a race," I'm giving up on life.

*No, I did *not* get Sparrow from Nicole Richie. I had Sparrow on my list a LONG time before she named her kid that. But I had it as a girl's middle name.

**Also, I would just like to point out for my mom's sake that I AM NOT HAVING ANY BABIES ANYTIME SOON I JUST LIKE TALKING ABOUT NAMES CALM DOWN MOTHER.

Edited to add: In the comments section, Niobe ever-so-nicely provided a very helpful list of what also not to name your child:
• Anna Claire (an eclair)
• Amanda Lynn (a mandolin)
• Claire Annette (clarinet)
• Aretha Holly (this one took me forever to figure out -- I had to ask one of my roommates. "a wreath of holly" :))
• Polly Esther (polyester)