Well hello, new semester.

So this semester is well under its merry way, leaving me very busy playing Beatles Rockband with friends and eating Fritos and reading blogs and gossiping with my roommates and etc., etc., etc. And WOW looking at that list of things I'm really thinking I need another 3.5-week vacation.

Man. I'm tired just typing that.

Don't get me wrong: I *am* working. I just spent 4 hours straight reading first about argumentation! and advocacy! and how to give good speeches! and second about ethics. Time kind of got away from me because when I sat down to read it was like 2 in the afternoon and when I got up it was 6 at night and dark outside and I was like HOLY NIGHTTIME, BATMAN, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?

I'm also happily working away in Admissions (seriously: I love that job. SO MUCH.) and going to class and spending time with boytoy Sean and zomg how is college over halfway done?!??!?

I fully recognize that I will never again in life have it this good. So, um, time: slow down a bit? Plz? KTHXBAI.

(Mom: I'm partially kidding about the first paragraph. I only spend about 17 hours a day doing those things. I do homework for at least 4-5 hours a day. And sleep for 2-3. And go to class. When I remember to. Swear.)

In actuality, I have a massive, teenager-pimple-sized deadline for my journalism class on February 3. So I'm only slightly freaking out about that. And I have a gigantic pile of reading to sift through for my other 3 classes. And extra hours in admissions (which I'm grateful for!). And GAH LAUNDRY to do. I should probably wash my sheets. They haven't been washed in a few weeks. Or months.

But all the work that I am doing/have to do is okay because I'm sitting here and listening to a live Coldplay album mixed in with some Alison Krauss and I can hear my roommates giggling in our living room and my tummy is full and I'm warm and healthy and happy and so, so lucky.


Anonymous said...

You sound so happy - it is good to hear! Enjoy every second!

Lisa- meinsideout

Lady Di said...

*sigh* You make me miss college. Even if it was 20+ years ago. But this is just how I remember it. What I can remember. Hope I didn't peak early. ;-)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

You're right...college is the best years of your life...I miss it! I loved working in Admissions as well, you get to meet so many people!!!

Kait said...

Ah, so happy to read how happy you are :)