First of all, if you haven't seen the a.ma.zing. pictures of my sister that Sam, Ben & Coco's mom took, go look. NOW. (I'll wait.)


Sam, Ben and Coco are getting too big (and smart) for their own darn good. I just love these kids SO MUCH. They are so sweet and so much fun!

A few nights ago, I hung out with them again. We played (as we usually do) hide-and-seek. Coco and I always hide together, and this time, it was Ben's turn to find us. He looked and looked and looked, but we were hidden very well (in the shower).

So finally, Ben, smart, brilliant Ben (age 5), yells out, "COCO! SAY MAMA!"

And Coco, smart, brilliant Coco (age 15 months), responds and yells out, "MAMA!"

And Ben found us.

Cheeky kiddos ;)


Coco and I went to a local mall the other day for a few hours. We made one veeeeeery slow loop around the whole place. And that took about a 1.5 hours (moving at the pace of a 15-month-old). Can you believe how big she's gotten???

I love this next one. She was trying not to smile for me because she wanted to get down and play and I wanted her to eat a bit of lunch first :) (Note: *trying* not to smile. Look at the corners of her mouth)

And look how curly her hair is getting in the back! LOVE it.

And here's one of Sam, Ben and me (they l-o-v-e LOVE using Photobooth on my Mac). Using Photobooth is the only time I can get pictures of them because otherwise they are ON THE MOVE and want me playing with them :)

These kids are just so wonderful. Seriously: I hit the nanny jackpot :)


Duchess said...

Good golly, I wish I could find a nanny/sitter to love on my kids the way you dote on these three. I think you are AWESOME!

Nic said...

The pics of your sis are *amazing*! Wow. And coco is a total cutie. I love you much you love these kids too!

The Nanny said...

:) thanks, girls! I really am SO lucky!

Kaitlyn said...

Gah can't handle the cute!!!

Sugar Photography said...


Ben is SO smart! That is genius...I'm totally using that the next time Coco goes MIA (which is usually when I find her crouched behind the nightstand, pack of gum in her hand, wrappers at her feet, 15 pieces in her mouth, chewing her wad like a cowboy)

so glad your family loves the sneak peek...it's the VERY LEAST I can do for the woman that loves and adores my kids as you do.

Have a great first day at Dream School! You are missed!!!