Thank you, Stephany!

Stephany at Stephany Writes gave me this sweet award! I'm supposed to name 5 things I like to do, and then pass it along to 5 bloggers I now consider friends (and, as Stephany said, "and I hope you feel the same way. Otherwise, this is really awkward." :)

1) I love to read! Right now I'm reading "The Midwife" by Jennifer Worth. It's an incredible read so far.

2) I love dressing up pupster Max. He looks adorable in pink baby clothes, if I do say so myself. (And luckily, pupster Max likes being dressed up as well. He knows he'll get a treat afterward.)

3) I love working in DreamSchool's admissions office. Sure, it's hard to handle crazy parent phone calls. And it's sad working with applicants who didn't get in. But other than that? I love it. Giving tours is my favorite part, because I get to make a bunch of awful jokes and all the prospective students will laugh because they think I have some influence over whether or not they'll get in :)

4) I love holding sweet, sleeping babies in my arms.

5) I love playing Beatles Rockband up at school and listening to all the boys try to hit the notes while singing. It is quite comical. Also, I'm beastly on drums. (Um. On the easy setting, that is.)

Now I'm handing this back to Stephany, because I most certainly consider her my friend. And I'm giving it to Kaitlyn, my sister, Monica, and Lex (because I'm hoping it'll make her UPDATE, for pete's sake).


Monica H said...

I see you stretched your blog out, but it got rig of your blog design :-( bummer.

Thanks for passing this on to me! I consider you my friend too.

The Nanny said...

Monica, yeah, I'm a bit bummed by that :( But oh well!