Ma soeur

My little sister (well, okay, she's technically not "little," she's taller than I am) (but that's not hard to do, as I barely reach 5 feet on tiptoe) (so maybe she is kind of little and I'm just REALLY little) (but she's still younger than I am so I WIN) (wait what?) (let's start again)

I got a call reeeeeally early this morning from my sister. She (with my parents) had been in the hospital all night, and she had just been diagnosed with appendicitis. She's to have surgery this afternoon.

While I know appendicitis is no big deal, really, and the recovery is quick, I don't like the idea of anybody going under anesthesia, especially not my little sis. So, you know, if you could pray for her, write a haiku about her, make a shrine to her, gather sticks for a bonfire over which we can chant to the gods about her, or just generally send positive thoughts in her general direction (Texas), I'd, you know, appreciate it.

Also, because of this, she's missing two college auditions so if everybody could send BE LENIENT AND LET HER RESCHEDULE vibes toward those two colleges (also, thankfully, in Texas -- she's not missing an out-of-town audition), THAT'D BE GREAT.

As Lady Gaga would say, thank you, little monsters.

Update: She's out of surgery and groggy. I also have some GOLDEN pictures of her from this morning when she was very drugged up. I plan to save those. Forever.