I am old. Don't try to talk me out of thinking that.

So I was recently friended on Facebook by a girl I used to babysit.

Let me say that again: I was recently friended on Facebook by a girl I used to babysit.

I cannot tell you how much this has disturbed me. Because it's not that she's too young to have a Facebook that disturbed me. Because she's not! She's a freshman! In high school! She is a freshman in high school!



I started babysitting for her ohmydearjesus NINE YEARS AGO.

What? What's that? Is that a midlife crisis calling? Excuse me while I go answer the phone.


I'm back. I have 47 new grey hairs and I just bought a red convertible.

(KIDDING, mom. I only have 3 new grey hairs. Thank you, good genes!)

No, really. When I got that friend request, I accepted (of course) and then thought Huh. I should prooobably check to make sure my Facebook is clean and appropriate. Which it was, of course, because I party like an 8-year-old on Friday nights and there's nothing about boytoy Sean on there at all.

But still. Then I realized I really didn't have to even check if my page was clean because SHE IS A FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL AND SHE IS OLD ENOUGH THAT I DON'T HAVE TO CENSOR MYSELF AROUND HER.


I'm slowly becoming okay with this situation. I mean, she's growing up, I'm growing up, it's all good.

Just send me a stiff drink the day her baby sister friend requests me. Which could, conceivably, be in just a few years. Changed my mind. Send me a stiff drink now. Thanks.


Minivan Mom said...

When kids you used to babysit start sending you birth announcement, THEN you can tell me you're old.

Yes, it's happening to me. No, they're not teen moms.

Anonymous said...

"because I party like an 8-year-old on Friday nights"


-your sister (which can we find an abbreviation for? i'm tired of typing it every time)

ps she friend requested me too

Bethany said...

Yep, I know how you feel! The kids I used to babysit for are in COLLEGE. I cannot believe it...so, so old!

Erin O. said...

I get that alot now. Now that they are old enough to babysit, they keep asking me when I am going to have kids so they can come sit for them! Crazy.

Kait said...

Um right. I'm 21 and I feel OLD. (Dodging flying objects from those older than I.)

Since when can I not get carded? Since when do high school seniors look young to me? Since when do I try to decided between high-fiber and high-protein bread?


AmbreRose said...

I went to a wedding this summer for a girl that I used to babysit. And then I saw her brother last week (yes I used to change his diaper) and he is in college. Old, yep I'm feeling it.