Back with the owls

So I'm back up at DreamSchool and I've had my first class of this semester (about environmental ethics -- LOVED it, the prof is a genius. He just got his Ph.D. in philosophy from Brown) and I'm back with my friends. Happy, happy Nanny.

Also, sleepy, sleepy Nanny.

Two nights ago, my last night in Texas, I brought pupster Max into bed with me to snuggle/sleep (as I do most nights when I'm home, let's just be honest here). Max weighs about 13 pounds, so he's tiny enough to snuggle right into my stomach and AH LUFF IT.

Except two nights ago, Maximilian was NOT in a snuggly mood. It was 2:30 a.m. and my alarm was going off at 6:30 (what? I procrastinate packing. WHO DOESN'T) and I just wanted to sleep but *someone* (ahem, MAX) had a burst of energy and would. not. lie. still.

So after about 15 minutes of him wandering around in my covers (sounds so dirty. ISN'T), he finally let me pull him up next to me to snuggle. AHHHH. HAPPY. SLEEPY. BEDTIME.



I had accidentally spilled some of my contact solution on my pillow when I was taking out my contacts. And Max LOVES contact solution. L-o-v-e LOVES it. (I know. He's weird. But I love it too. But to use with my contacts. Not to drink.)

So Max found the contact solution on my pillow and then all he wanted to do was lick. lick. lick. lick.




This is the dog who, while he is mid-pee, will sniff something else and wander off with his leg in the air. ADD dog of the century. But two nights ago, when I needed SLEEP, when it was nearly 3 a.m., he was able to focus all of his little doggy energy into LICK. LICK. LICK.


Oh, that dog. I was ready to make him sleep on the floor (GASP I KNOW I'M SO MEAN) except that it was my last night in Teyhas for 4 months and I'd miss him cause he's cute and cuddly and did I mention cute?

HOW CAN YOU STAY MAD AT THAT FACE. Answer: YOU CANNOT. So I put up with the LICK LICK LICKing. Because he's just too adorable to resist. And because I may or may not want to lick him myself.

(Oh, and I'm still sleepy. Last night I couldn't fall asleep because of all the city noise. Sirens, cars going by and honking, etc. I should take a nap. OH WAIT, it's not Christmas break anymore! I have class! Back to reality!) (Oh, there goes gravity!) (Sorry. Couldn't resist the last part. Whoever can identify that song wins 10 brownie points.)


Fifi Flowers said...

Looks like your last supper was delicious!

Anonymous said...

how did i sleep through all of that max business???

ps. it's eminem's lose yourself :)

Anonymous said...

^^^ from your sister

Stephany said...

I am the exact same way with my dog! Even with my 25-pound dog, Minnie, she spent every, single night in my bed. And now Dutch does and he may only be 10 pounds but he likes to snuggle as close as he can.

There have been MANY mornings I wake up with knees and legs feeling like they slept bent over backwards and twisted around.

Anything to keep the dog happy, ya know?

The Nanny said...

Fifi--it was!

Sis--you're right! And NO clue how you slept through it.

Stephany--*anything* to keep the dog happy is right :)

Anonymous said...

He knew you were leaving. That's why he couldn't settle down. Was there...possibly...a SUITCASE already in your room????? And hesitant to place blame (but okay, I will) --it's TOTALLY your fault for his contact lens solution addiction problem. And for the fact that now that you are gone, he is going through MCLAW.

Miss you so, so much,


Anonymous said...

P.S. No fair not allowing comments for your Last Supper (...in Texas, until May) posting. And so I'm commenting here:

...sob :(

Kait said...

Ewww you slept on a dog drool pillow. Sorry, inner-turned-outer freak out done.

Screw sleep. It's for the weak.

That motto might take 10 years off my life, but oh well.

Awww... puppy!