Vietnamese food on a rainy night

This place was seriously authentic. Half the menu was entirely in Vietnamese...so we kind of ordered blindly. My vegetarian dish turned out to have not only shrimp in it, but odd-looking chunks that the waiter swore (in half-English) was tofu but looked more like chicken fat. My parents, uncle, and sister ended up getting a variety of, um, *interesting* dishes.

But the best part of the evening was when my sister took a bite of shrimp, chewed, got a weird look on her face, and realized she'd eaten the mushy head of a shrimp.

Oh, I had fun for the rest of the evening reminding her that not only had she eaten its head, that meant she ate its eyes, brain, tongue, teeth (do shrimp have tongues and teeth?), etc.

This is why I'm a vegetarian.


Monica H said...

oh gross, but funny!

Anonymous said...

no no.

that shrimp head was NOT mushy.

it was CRUNCHY.

disgustingly crunchy.

i will never be the same again.


Anonymous said...

Crunchy is MUCH better than mushy. Trust me.