So tonight I went ice skating for pretty much the first time for my dear suitemate's birthday.

Here is a brief but accurate summary of what was running through my head the entire time:


I think you get the picture.

Oh guys, I was scared to death. First of all, I have *zero* sense of balance. Like none at all. So the idea of wobbling around on thin strips of metal was a tad bit daunting. (Ha! I wasn't even thinking about the actual skating part, I was worried about making it from the put-the-skates-on-bench to the rink itself.)

(I have a picture to go right here that illustrates the fear I had in my very eyes pre-skating but Blogger is being a poop-head and won't let me post it.)

BUT: I survived. I did! I'm alive!

I clung to the wall the entire time, but hey: I was the only one out of the group I went with who didn't fall on his or her derriere.

Which also means I win.