Over my head!

My finals/final projects/etc. are in full-force about now. I'm averaging between 3-6 hours of sleep a night, trying to balance friends birthdays with work and homework and laundry (mom and dad: just going to warn you now. I'll be coming home next week in dirty clothes with suitcases full of more dirty clothes) and taking tests and getting projects in and boytoy Sean, etc., etc., etc.

So I'm exhausted, look like I have two black eyes from the under-eye circles, have had more than enough EXAM STRESS snacking, and am currently looking like I'll win No-Shave December.



I am happy. So, so happy. I truly love this place and the lack of sleep and the stress and the no-shaving and the work are all just part of this amazing college experience of mine.

I almost don't want to leave next week! (Except that I know that a certain mother of mine would never forgive me if I didn't come home.)

(And there's a certain puppy dog named Max and little birdie named Lulabelle who I'm looking forward to seeing, too.)

So I will be going home next week, the day before Christmas eve. I have my last final exam at 6 p.m. on Dec. 22, and the next day I'll be flying home, collapsing, and sleeping for a week.