Just call me the Grinch

I love the holidays. I do. Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, Groundhog day...I love 'em all!




(I just whispered that last sentence.)

I know. I KNOW. What's wrong with me?!?!?

I don't like giving them and I DON'T like getting them. And it's all because of the reaction.

Whenever I give a gift, I'm super-paranoid that he/she won't like it. So that ruins all fun.

Whenever I get a gift, I'm super-paranoid that my reaction will be all wrong. Either the gift-giver will think I hate it (especially if I do hate it!) or I'll react the wrong way or something will happen or Santa will never speak to me again or IT WILL JUST BE BAD.

I don't even really like getting gifts from my extended family. My sister, even. I know. I am cuh-razy with a capital C. Well...this isn't entirely true. I like gifts, I just hate having to see people face-to-face after opening them. I'm totally okay with opening a gift while 3,000 miles away from you and just sending you a thank-you card. (I'm really good with thank-you cards.)

I've already made sure my roommates know that I DO NOT WANT GIFTS. My birthday is coming up, too -- NO GIFTS. If they ever really want to give me anything, donate to charity in my name! Buy a goat! Donate to LLS! You get the drift!

I should end this, though, by saying that I have asked my parents for gifts this Christmas. Specifically (literally), socks and underwear. And bras. Cause I desperately need new ones. And I also asked for CVS gift cards. Because I am just that exciting.

*sigh* You know you're not a kid anymore when the things you want are the things you need...though, Mumsie and Pops, feel free to slip in a Barbie Dream House if you feel so inclined.


Kait said...

Seriously, we're soul mates.

I loathe gifts. LOATHE THEM.

I don't like shopping for things. I mean, how asinine is it to say "Oh, here ya go, *I* was so darn awesome to think that *you* would enjoy ___ that *I* bought it so that *you* would like it."

Bwah. Or baaahhh, in the case of giving a coat (great idea btw).

I'm also very good at TY cards. But I don't have your address. So I'll never send you one.

Which is fine, because you will never give me gifts.

Love it.

Kait said...

*erm, GOAT, not coat.


The Nanny said...

MWAH. Soulmates, I say.

Nic said...

I am so with you on this. Especially with my MIL, who equates gifts, and specifically the quantity thereof, with love. I think gifts are great for kids, beyond about age sixteen when people can buy themselves what they need/want? Not so much.

Monica H said...

I like GIVING gifts and receiving them if it's something I need or have been wanting. But I'm with you on the facial expression thing.

When it comes to buying people gifts I usually just stick to the immediate family and only if it's something I know they'll love. I hate when you have to go to the store and find something you hope someone will like. It takes the fun out of it and feels like more of an obligation rather than a gift.

Furrow said...

This year my family decided to take a trip together in lieu of buying gifts. Except for the little girls, of course. Wait until you have kids. You'll love giving them gifts, even when they seem to enjoy the box best of all.

Alexandra said...

NANNY! Long time no comment, I know, but I was just checking in on your blog wondering "hmmmmm how is Nanny?" and discovered that you share my dislike of almost all presents... and you need to hear this brilliant song.


The Nanny said...

Alexandra -- is that you, A.Milly?!?!? If so, HI! (Also, the vid is hiLARious)