Debt-free's the way to be

Squee! I'm doing it! I'm officially set to graduate in December 2011, debt-free! (I may have to take out a few thousand in loans, but that is SO MUCH BETTER than the number I was looking at before!)

So here's the breakdown:

I'll take 4 classes per semester for the next 4 semesters. I'll take 2 classes this summer, and two classes next summer.

I'm coming home to do the classes -- hopefully I can find nighttime classes that won't interfere with my nanny gig :) I'll either take them at a state school's local campus or at a community college, depending on what I can find.

Y'all: I'm doing this. Debt-free. Honestly, I thought I would be up to $100,000 in debt by the time I left this school. I *almost* didn't come. I can't tell you how glad I am that I did!

Several things helped contribute to the debt-free bit (and I know, I know, I am so lucky!!!):

1) I had enough money saved up to pay for an entire semester
2) My (wonderful and wealthy) aunt and uncle gave me a generous gift when I turned 18 that I'm using to pay for another semester
3) My (wonderful) grandparents are chipping in enough per year so that when you add it all up, essentially, they're paying for a semester.

That's 3 semesters right there--that's how I've been able to be debt-free until now.

Also, DreamSchool is giving me almost enough for one semester per year. On top of that, my parents are contributing generously what they can and I'm working as well. So we're making it work.

We're making it work.


I seriously am in shock. And awe. Because this? Is amazing.