Convergence! Convergence!

So the word on the skreet lately is CONVERGENCE.

And if by 'skreet' I mean 'journalism school.'

I have one professor who is bleach-blonde, wears pink lipstick, uses jazz hands like they're going out of style, and insists on being called Bridget instead of Professor LastName. And she is crazy. She teaches me how to use video cameras and edit segments.

I have one professor who's got an New York accent so thick I can hardly understand him. He talks like this: "Sooo, whaddya knaw, ya wanna do some jahnalism? Eh? Jahnalism?" He teaches me Flash, DreamWeaver, and other Internet/design software.

I have one professor who is an NPR rock critic and fairly famous author. He wears tortoise-shell glasses and sweater vests and a blazer with patches on the elbows, but he can drop rap lyrics like nobody's business. He teaches me photography for journalism, and audio segmenting.

And I have one professor who is tiny and old and Greek and likes to yell my last name loudly and ask its origins (Hungarian). I've mentioned on the blog before the strong desire I have to adopt him as a pet and take him for walks daily just to hear what he has to say about the world. His class officially teaches me to cover news, but really it's more like he calls me at 9 p.m. with a story and demands that I have it on his desk by 8 a.m. the next day.

"It's CONVERGENGE! CONVERGENCE JOURNALISM, ladies and gentlemen!" Bridget likes to say, jazz hands going crazy.

At this school, I've learned strong interviewing skills and newsgathering skills. I've learned how to write on a really, really, really small deadline (think 2 hours from assignment of story to getting it on my editor's desk). I've learned to differentiate between newspaper, magazine, online, radio, and broadcast writing.

Even though my major is print journalism, I'm learning/have learned how to put together radio segments, broadcast segments, photojournalism and multimedia online segments. I can do Flash and I'm learning DreamWeaver, I can work Flip cams and edit my own videos to upload. All of this on top of traditional journalism writing classes. I'm working on state-of-the-industry equipment for free (well, with tuition).

I know I am the most marketable kind of journalist. I know I can get a job post-graduation in journalism if I so choose (especially since I have my former professor's cell phone number -- he currently works for one of the major newspapers in the country).

This, this, is why I took the financial plunge to return to DreamSchool. I'm getting the most incredible education, and I'm having fun doing it. I'm so, so, SO busy, but it's good busy. The money is worth it.

But the icing on top of the cake is that I may be able to graduate debt-free.



I'm meeting with my advisor tomorrow to talk about me graduating in 3.5 years, not 4. I'd have to take summer classes this summer and next to drop some general education classes out of the way, but that's fine. I'd be completing an out-of-this-world education and graduating debt-free.

I'm seriously giddy! If I were Bridget, I'd be dancing around in sequins.

(Alas, I'm not Bridget, but I am sitting here typing with a smile on my face.)

Wish me luck at my meeting tomorrow! Hopefully I can transfer credits and match everything up so that this is possible!

Remember kids: CONVERGENCE!


Moi said...

Good luck! I've got my fingers crossed for you, my 3DSHORTYHPBKLUNBFFAFW!

(With a hearty pat on my back for remembering all the letters this time!)

Erin O. said...


Hope all goes well.

The Nanny said...

3DSHORTYHPBKLUNBFFAFW -- I can't for the life of me remember what LUN stands for! I know it's literary something...HALP

Anonymous said...

Cool! You can teach me Flash!


Stephany said...

I'm so jealous of you.

Not of being debt-free (although that is AWESOME!) but at the awesome education you're getting. I am so annoyed with my program and professors. I don't feel like I'm learning anything at all that I couldn't learn on my own.

So yes, I'm jealous. Majorly.

S said...

Congratulations!!! That is incredible! I hope it all works out for you, and it sounds like you are getting an amazing education!

Kait said...

Oh, God is good! (Plus, this would nearly guarantee a DS trip 09.) Good luck!

The Nanny said...

Stephany :(

Monica H said...

That would be awesome. Good luck at your meeting!

Anonymous said...

This is SO amazing--what you are learning, the journalist you are becoming, the go-getter and financial wizard that you are. I am SO proud and happy for you!

Your ever-lovin' marmsie

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