Size discrepancies

I'm currently wearing a size large teal cami under a size small black sweater, with a formerly-size-8-now-hemmed-in-a-bit jean skirt (over tights & purple flats).

I have Old Navy jeans in size 6 that are looser than my GAP size 8's.

I have skirts from H&M in size 10.

I have skirts from Target in size small and medium.

I have shirts from all over in smalls, mediums, and larges.

They all fit.


I know Stacey & Clinton repeat "Don't look at the number, just go for fit!" on a regular basis, but let's be honest here: I have a lot more swing in my step knowing I'm rawking my size 6 jeans and a size small shirt than when I'm wearing a large shirt with a size 10 skirt.

Here is what I wish: I wish that there were NO NUMBERS. Well, that's not true. I wish that all clothes work like panty hose sizes -- you look at the graph on the back, find the corresponding area for your height and weight, and BOOM YAY!

O'course, then we'd all have be approximately the same size. Which I realize is impossible, and boring. But there's got to be some compromise, right? I love H&M clothes, but I'm 1-2 sizes bigger with them than with Target. Which is not fun.

So, clothing industry: if you're going to group us into even numbers and smalls, mediums, and larges, at least give a girl some consistency. (And while we're at it, I'd like to be a size 6 on bottom (or smaller!) and size small on top. Though with my boobs, I know that's not really possible. So I'll settle for medium. Okay? Okay. KISSES, Nanny.)


Kait said...

I'd love it if bottoms were measured in inches like men!

The Nanny said...

I dunno, girl--I think that might depress me more! I'd rather stare at "SIZE 8" than "DOUBLE-DIGIT INCHES" :)

Stephany said...

This happens to me all the time! For me, though, I wear sizes MUCH smaller than I look. I just have small hips and a small torso. And all my fat is in my belly. Seriously...the rest of me is reasonably small. I wish I was more proportioned!

For example...I wear a size 4 in AE jeans...and a size small in their shirts.

And, no, I do NOT look like a size 4. Not one bit.

pithydithy said...

I love this suggestion! Brilliance, sheer (control top) brilliance!

Anonymous said...

I'm the opposite of Stephany - I wear a size 12 (usually) and have had friends literally accuse me of lying and check the label in my clothes, because they say there's NO WAY I'm a size 12. Apparently I don't look like a size 12 (and truthfully, when I see other people that are a size 12, I DO think that, in my head, I look thinner than they do).

Being 5'9" with an athletic build and VERY pear shaped...yeah. Size 12. Granted several of them are loose, but...yeah.

The Nanny said...


MM--nope, you do NOT look a size 12.

*sigh* I hate numbers.

Nic said...

I totally agree, wish they would come up with a system where you would know I'm a size X. Not have to go into the dressing room with a range of four sizes because you have no idea which particular sizing strategy that company goes by.

How about letters for sizes, I think that might feel better than numbers?