Lucky duck

My mom came up to visit me this weekend (thanks to an amazingly-priced flight!) and let me just tell you: it was a great, great weekend. We ate, played games, ate, shopped, ate...oh man. Both my heart and my tummy are happy.

I do have an incredible immediate family. I'm so, so lucky. I love both my parents (and even *sigh* my little sister...) so, so much. I have the sweetest, most adorable puppy EVER and my bird is off-the-wall crazy insane (and wonderful!).

Happy sigh.

I was talking with my friend Kelly the other week. Her family is rich beyond measure and pretty miserable. My family isn't rich beyond measure (aaaack college tuition!), but we're happy. And we actually like each other. (I think. Right, family?)

Lucky. Lucky. Lucky.

I do miss them while I'm up here, and I know my mother misses me so much that she's built a shrine to me in my bedroom (I'm only half kidding). That's why weekends like I just had with my mumsie darling are the perfect way to spend my days.

Happy, lucky sigh :)


Stephany said...

This is exactly the reason I had to move back home. My mom. I missed her so incredibly much that I could barely stand it. I mean, it's just been the 2 of us for a while so we're especially close.

Of course, I'm hoping to get an out-of-state internship this summer which will be so hard to be away from my mom but I think it's something I need to do.

I'm just a momma's girl!

Stacie said...

That's awesome that you are close to your family. I am incredibly close to mine too. It's such a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I'm a total mama's girl, but then again, I was raised by her alone for most of my life.

Anonymous said...

i think it's safe to say we tolerate each other pretty dang well.

now when do i get to come visit you?????

yo' sistah

Monica H said...

Yes you are so lucky to have a wonderful caring family. Blessed is more like it.

Tracy said...

I would say that this is my biggest dream in life...for my family to be this happy. It would make me SO thrilled if my daughter speaks of me this way one day.

You are truly blessed.

The Nanny said...

Sis--musical theatre auditions for DreamSchool are Dec. 6...you could come up then...IJS.

Monica & Tracy, yes, you're so right--I am so blessed.

Furrow said...

You are so sweet. I'll bet your mom is just a puddle of love after reading this.