I don't get no Gleetisfaction

I think I have a problem.

I think I'm part of the 0.0000000000002% of the population who doesn't like the TV show Glee.

It's not for lack of trying, really -- I watch it every week, without fail, hoping and hoping that I'll like it better. Because honestly, I would think that I would LOVE this show. But I just...I don't know...don't.

I mean, I think Finn is utterly adorable. And I'd love to have him as my imaginary boyfriend (though he wouldn't usurp George Clooney, my imaginary husband). See? Isn't he cute?

But...gah. I feel guilty admitting this. It's not Glee, it's me. Really. I know it's an amazing show and so many people love it. But at this point in my life, I just can't be in a relationship with a show I don't see a future with.

I have to admit, some of the musical numbers are ridiculously cool. But I find both Jayma Mays (Emma) and Jane Lynch (Sue) highly, highly annoying. And the whole show is just so unrealistic. And too perfect, even amid all the weird quasi-dark/depressing undertones. I know. I KNOW. I HAVE A PROBLEM.

I want to like Glee. I really do. And I do like some parts of it, like this:

Well, I like that a lot. A lot a lot.

Okay FINE. I'll keep watching.



Juanita said...

I sort of agree with you. I watch it but only on the internet. It does seem a tad unrealistic and I got this one thought in my head a few weeks ago- that it seems like they are lip-synching (ok- I know they do) but they are like Milli Vanilli using other peoples voices.

And maybe this is because I went to a private school- but dont the songs seem sort of racy for a school? I mean- yeah- all the kids know these songs but still.


(Love your blog!)

The Nanny said...

LOL Juanita - and thank you!

niobe said...

Although I've never seen it, I deeply resent the fact that a show called Glee even exists.

Because my nickname (bestowed by a former boyfriend) was Glee. Okay, it was short for "Ug-glee." But it sounded so sweet when he said it.

The Nanny said...

Niobe, swear to gleebus, that may be my favorite comment I've ever gotten.

Erin O. said...

I must say, although I'm a nurse by profession, I sing on the side, and have always wanted a show on primetime that did just that. With that being said, I'm very excited to catch glee every week. But yes, some of the show is a bit over the top!

Stephany said...


I just didn't want to say anything because EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE loves the show so much! I watched it for the first few shows and I have to admit, Will and Emma are so, so cute. But I despise the cheerleading coach. I despise Will's wife. I despise a lot of the plot lines (esp. the teenage pregnancy/Will's wife getting the baby). It's all very fake and unrealistic.

The songs are usually really good, though. But I haven't seen the past 2 episodes. I've been watching Modern Family and Cougar Town on ABC instead. ;)

Tracy said...

I mostly agree with you. We tried to get into it, but just couldn't. The only story line of interest to me was the fake pregnancy (what does that say about me?) We don't like musicals, so that part of the show was cringeworthy (for us.)

I do have to disagree about Jane Lynch, though. She's the one reason I considered sticking with it. She makes me laugh in everything she does.

Furrow said...

I've watched it twice for about 30 seconds each time. I couldn't get into it. Too drama-y. I thought it was going to be funny-y.