Two years

Two years ago today, I started my blog.

Honestly, I didn't think I'd keep it longer than 6 weeks or so. I'm thoroughly impressed that I've kept it up for TWO years. Sometimes I have to force myself to write every few days, other times I have more than enough to say. But I'm loving having these past two years journaled for me to look back on.

This leads me to what was going on a year ago, today. But first, I have to get mushy: to each and every one of you reading, thank you. Your comments, your emails, your tweets, and even just the number of you who stop by according to my stat counter has buoyed my spirits and I appreciate you all so much. So THANK YOU.

But, a year ago today: I was newly deposited at DreamSchool, in a new, large city almost 2,000 miles from home, and just about now I was discovering that I loved it. I've spent the past few days rereading what I wrote back then, and I'm so grateful to have those memories written down.

My goodness. I'm getting all sentimental. Pass the kleenex, k?

As I prepare to depart once more for DreamSchool, leaving behind the best nanny family in the ENTIRE world (and cringing thinking about how much bigger Coco will be when I come home for Christmas), leaving behind my own family, and having survived, well, something (there I go, being all cryptic again. I know it's annoying. I'm sorry), I'm sad but excited.

All this to say: wow. 2 years. And here's the part where I can't find anything else to say without going off on a major tangent, but I need some how to end the post, and so I cheesily raise my (imaginary) glass and say,

Here's to two more!

Or something.


Jes said...

Looking forward to the next two years.. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you're leaving behind "the best nanny family in the ENTIRE world" and then just your "own" family. Where's the "best family in the ENTIRE world part?" :)

But seriously, congratulations, sweetie! Happy blogoanniversary!

And thank you for letting me stay even more connected with you through your blog. I've laughed and smiled and laughed and cried and laughed and learned and laughed and laughed again. (Did you get the laughing part?)

You are an amazing woman.

And I am going to miss you SO much--again.


Anonymous said...

happy 2 years, sistahhhh

aka the dancer
aka your sister in case you didn't get that.

i'm too lazy to log in right now

Erin O. said...

Happy 2 years-

I'm glad that I found your blog-I don't even know how now. Here's to many more!


Monica H said...

happy 2nd blogoversary! I look forward to reading even more through the years.

Kait said...

Happy blogaversary dear-- I'm so glad I could "meet" you through here!

llq said...

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