Ten things

Stephany tagged me for a 10 things meme, and while I love doing stuff like this, I can't remember what I've said and what I haven't said in memes past. So bear with me.

(Or is it bare with me? Honestly--I can *never* remember.)

1. When I was a lot younger (think 5 or 6), I would argue with my sister and our friend Lauren about what we were going to be when we grew up. For some reason, in our minds, only ONE of us could be a doctor, only ONE of us could be a nurse, and then the other was just left out.

2. My sister and I also argued over who would name their daughter Lily Rose. We thought that was the most perfect name. (It's not on either of our baby name lists anymore though.)

3. My name means "thinking of the ocean" in Greek. I absolutely love, love, love that. And I'm a pisces, so my name especially fits :)

4. I'm seriously obsessed with names. My baby names list has a lot of look-at-me-like-I'm-crazy names, and also some family names. I had a great-grandfather named Zolton (Hungarian side o' the family). That name's not on my list, but I still think it kicks a lot of derriere.

5. I'm ridiculously proud of how quickly I can change a diaper.

6. A few summers back, I interned at an advertising agency. While I was at work one day, somebody in the parking lot ripped all the political bumper stickers off of my car. I felt weirdly violated.

7. My favorite thing about me is my boobs. Really--I love 'em, drama and all. In fact, I'm hesitant to lose more weight because I don't want to lose my boobs.

8. I've recently become obsessed with birds and owls--paintings, prints, figurines, etc. I don't know why. I also wish I could afford to buy all of the cute birdie stuff on Etsy that I've found, but: college, I think, is more important.

9. For some reason, I feel I can be far more candid (and share much more information) on Twitter than on my blog. I think it's because my tweets are locked (a.k.a., private, unless I've approved you to see them). And I have this weird attitude that my blog has to be all sunshine and roses a lot of the time. I should get past that.

10. I used to NOT like dogs until we got pupster Max. I was actually dead-set against getting a dog because they were smelly, noisy, and messy. He FO SHIZZLE proved me wrong and I do believe we have the best dog EVER. (Oh! And if you want to see some ridiculously adorable puppies, go here: PUPPEHS. Note: they do use the f-bomb on the site, so semi-NSFW.)

Hopefully I haven't used any of those yet!


Stephany said...

#6...someone seriously did that to your car? That's awful! People can be really, really stupid sometimes.

Oh, and #4...everytime I mention a name to my mom, she hates it. My current favorites are Lucia and Katya. She hates both of them but I love them, which is all that matters. :)

The Nanny said...

Love your names, Stephany! For me, I like Katia spelled with the "i"--I'd be worried people would pronounce Katya "Katie-uh" :)

Monica H said...

i think Lily and Rose are both names that Charlotte from Sex and the City named her babies. Is it sad that I know that? Don't answer that- I know it is :-)

Whenever I see owls I think of you, oh wise Nanny!

Stephany said...

My SIL's sister is actually named Katia, which sounds like Cot-ee-ah and I love it! But, obviously, I can't name my child that and I've always love Katya, sounded like Cot-yah. I just love Russian-sounding names for some reason!