Mischievous sisters

This is what happens when you leave two sisters, one legally an adult and the other soclosebutnotquite, alone on a Saturday night.*

*photos taken by mah sistah.

We peel garlic.
We chop tomatoes.
We take more photos of us chopping tomatoes.
We have epic fails involving me dropping massive quantities of tomato guts all over the counter, dishwasher, floor, and myself.
We put the garlic in a pile. And take pictures of it.
We pretend we're professional chefs and put our ingredients in little bowls.
We add cashews into our tomato/tomato paste/water mixture because we're creative like that. And the recipe told us to.
We put the garlic into a heart shape. And take a picture of it.
We love fresh basil so much we take a picture of it too.
We exercise our hands. And crush garlic at the same time.
Mmmmm...freshly crushed garlic.
Oh look! We made a sort-of sauce!
We chop the fresh basil. And bend our noses down to smell it frequently.
We decide to use 2 lbs of pasta. This is a mistake, because it's so much pasta we can't eat it all, even days later, before it goes bad.
"A watched pot never boils." Oh yes it does. We watched this one, and it boiled.
We like garlic, so we put a lot of it in our olive oil to sautee.
A lot of garlic.
We're also more than obsessed with our puppy dog, so we take pictures of him too. He's looking up at me, front paw raised, tail wagging, and saying, "FEED ME."
Look at that smile. And his tail going 90 miles an hour.
We dump our tomato/tomato paste/water/cashew mixture in with our olive oil/LOTS OF GARLIC sautee. And we dip our fingers in to taste it. Don't worry, we washed them beforehand. (We also drip a little bit of sauce on the stove. Oops.)
We hold our faces close to the steam as we drain the pasta to open our pores. Not only are we making pasta, but we're opening our pores.
We fog up the camera lens, we get so close.
Then we dump everything together. It looks a bit like vomit, but smells heavenly.
Because we are fancy-fine, we add fresh basil as a garnish before we take our pasta pictures. Post-pictures, we feed the basil to our bird. She's happy.
While we clean up (because YES we did!), we have another epic fail. Well, I do. I'm slightly clumsy.
Shhhh. I just put it back in the bowl. No biggie, right?
After we do all of this, we then make incredibly long blog posts about our adventures.

Mmmmm. Pasta.


lifeofadancer312 said...


Anonymous said...

Note to all: it was indeed yummy. "They let me eat some!"


Monica H said...

Ooh this looks yummy. I love lots of garlic in my pasta too.

BTW, 2 lbs. of pasta will feed an army!

Kait said...


Rule for Nanny: Do not make the girl trying to get into a wedding gown in FREAKING JUNE this hungry.

Nom nom nom <3

The Nanny said...

Kait--remember! Weight = big boobs! EAT AWAY!

Furrow said...

You are two wild and crazy gals.