The Left Boob Chronicles, Part VI?

Hopefully this will be a very, very short chapter in the left boob saga. (If you're new to my blog, here's the beginning of the saga.)

Back story: for the past few weeks, I've been feeling increased discomfort in my left breast, and some weird sensations that are hard to describe, and even pain at one particular spot during self-exams.

(Age is on my side here, because the chances of someone my age having breast cancer or any other significant breast issues is small. But my maternal grandmother did have breast cancer before she was 50, which raises warning flags in the eyes of doctors.)

I called my gynecologist, got the first available appointment, and went to see her today. She found a new lump that I hadn't found, and expressed some concern over it. She seemed a bit flustered at this point, which worried me a bit--but she could have just been busy. Anyway, she went out in the hallway to call the breast surgeon, who I saw several months back to do my breast lump biopsy, to do a brief consultation.

When she came back in, she told me she wanted me to get another breast ultrasound and then to go from there to see the breast surgeon for a consult. I called the ultrasound place and they've worked me in for tomorrow morning at 7:40 (I have to get there at 7:10 a.m.).

Surprisingly, I'm still not worried about anything. I know age is on my side, and the chances of it being anything are so, so small. Still it's a bit stressful that this is happening 9 (NINE) (!!!) days before I move back up to school.

Oh, and further proof that I have the best employers ever: these appointments have disrupted my work schedule twice now and it may cut into tomorrow's hours, and still, Jen has been nothing but the best about everything. Thank you, Jen!!!


EthidiumBromide said...

Since you already know that one lump is just dense tissue, you're at a greater chance of having more. I have a good friend whose mother died of breast cancer, but also has these completely benign dense lumps. She goes through this process a lot -- because of her mother's death, they want to biopsy all of them "just to be sure", but all 12 or so of them have been nothing to worry about. The fact that the first one was dense tissue is absolutely in your favor, though it does unfortunately mean that you may go through this more frequently, your chance of actual cancer are much smaller than another person your age with a lump (which is extremely small to begin with).

Oh, and in reference to a previous Boob post about "what if" going on chemotherapy, losing your hair, etc etc. -- unfortunate, yes. End of the world, no. I spent 3 out of my 4 years in college on high doses of chemotherapy. No hair. Sick as a dog. Still made it to (most) of my classes, never had to leave to go home despite living far away from my family (thank g-d for friends to help take care of me!), double majored AND double minored from a top private university, held steady science research positions, got into all the top Ph.D. programs in the country for my chosen discipline, AND met my husband despite being bald. So really, while much, much harder, you can keep on accomplishing exactly what you're doing even with chemotherapy and no hair.

Stephany said...

Oh, Nanny, I hope everything is OK! It's so great that you have such a good attitude about it. True, you are young and chances of you getting breast cancer are very, very slim. I'll be saying a prayer for you tomorrow! Good luck!

The Nanny said...

EthidiumBromide--thank you for sharing your comment. It does help to put things into perspective :)

Monica H said...

Oh Nanny,

I'm praying and hoping for the best. Please keep us updated when you know something.