Dorm room details

I got a (temporary) new camera in the mail the other day and I have been having SO MUCH FUN playing with its Macro settings :)

P.S. Did I tell you my missing box arrived? It did!!!! Here are a few of the things that were in it that I now have in my dorm room:

(P.P.S. For some reason, when the pictures get on my blog they're a bit duller and fuzzier than the original file, but if you click on the pictures to see them larger they're the way they're supposed to be.)


Erin O. said...

Yeah, glad your package arrived! Hope you have fun this semester.

Anonymous said...

i love it all except for the yellow owl

yo sistah

Anonymous said...

Love the owls. Especially the blue one with the chipped ear (I can identify) and the happy jaune one!


Monica H said...

Fun! I have a giant Buddha in our guest room :-)

Bethany said...

I love macro! Cool pics :)

Heather said...

Love your happy Buddhas. I have a gold one at my desk at work. It was a present from an Indian friend at work to celebrate his marriage. They give gifts when they get married for good luck.

And I love the pin! That's what I say to my youngest of the twins. He's a lover not a fighter.

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