I took several videos of Coco (I can't take pictures of her anymore, she just doesn't sit still long enough!) and Ben today to share with you guys. Big sister Sam started school yesterday, and it was entirely bizarre not having her there!

Let me just tell you: it is an entirely different experience sans-Sam. I love her to death, but she talks
a lot while we play, and Ben rarely gets a word in edgewise. Today? It was ALL him, and he was ALL talk-talk-talk! :)

In this first video, I was on the floor with Coco while Ben set up his "house" so we could play kitty. In the video he asks me what would happen if you took a picture in outer space (randomly). Right then, Coco pulled up on the rocking chair and honest-to-goodness, I thought she was going to walk away (she's getting reeeeally close to walking). I was a bit distracted when I answered Ben! :)

In the next two videos, Ben and I wanted to show off two of Coco's tricks: slithering under impossibly small spaces, and crawling over things.

Oy, lordy--this one made me nervous! I hadn't seen her do it before, but her mom assured me that she could :)


Kait said...

I get to live vicariously through these. Thank you.

Monica H said...

Coco could be in the army!

The Nanny said...

LOL I know! She's got that army crawl down.

Monica H said...

You turned the comments off on yor above post, but I wanted to say that you're becoming quite the food blogger. There are a couple blogs I read that live up in the area where you go to school. If you're interested I'll email them to you. Let me know!