Ode to Twitter

Oh Twitter, at first I resisted you so...
At first I thought, "What's the use?
Who would want to keep updated with my oh-so-random
(and often inappropriate)
stream of consciousness?"

BUT: but. Twitter, you won me over.
I'm coming up on a year of having my little account,
And thanks to you,
I got a summer job
and I have met some really, really cool people.

You keep me entertained,
You allow me to know the goings-on of complete strangers,
You inform me of Very Important Events
(like Michael Jackson's death)
And you make my unlimited texting plan worthwhile.

And most of all,
When I am out with other people,
You make me look ridiculously popular
When I get 30 Tweets-to-phone
in 10 minutes' time.

Thank you, Twitter.


Anonymous said...

I still do not know what Twitter is...have fun!

The Nanny said...

meinsideout--Do you have a Facebook? It's kind of like updating your Facebook status (140 characters) that's then sent to all of your "followers" (those who subscribe to your Tweets).

Alternatively, it's like sending out text messages to your followers.

Make sense? :)


Monica H said...

I'm not jumping on that bandwagon. BUT I have some good news...Bloglines is updating me when you post. Yay!

Kait said...

Here's a shameful secret of mine: when I giggle really, really hard I snort just a tiny, tiny bit.

Ode to Twitter made me snort.


The Nanny said...


Anonymous said...

Okay, because you are so awesome to have written an ode to twitter, I am going to request to follow you now. Because, I haven't written an ode to twitter, I'm not that word-wise...and I'm jealous of your talent.