The kids

Now that I'm (sniff) nearing the end of my employment as Sam, Ben, and Coco's nanny, I wanted to write down a few (or a lot of) things about each child to remember. I really do love these kids--they're just so sweet and fun.

Sam: Sam is seriously the best big sister I've ever nannied, and just about the sweetest girl in the world. She is my helper, always right there to help make Coco a bottle, entertain Coco while I change her diaper, and help me sing Coco to sleep. Sam taught me the "Night, night Coco" song, where we sing night-night about everyone in Coco's family, including the pets and her birthmom. I love that Sam includes Coco's birthmom. ("Night, night, Coco. Night, night, J. Night night, Mama, it's time to go night-night. Night-night, Daddy. Night-night, Benny. Night-Night, Sammy, it's time to go night-night" and all the way through all 5 pets!)

Sam always wants to be near me, and every day before quiet time she asks where I'll be. She loves to be read to! She especially loves a book that has a bunch of nonsense limericks in it. We crack up reading that one :) She and Ben both snuggle close when we read, which I love. She's excellent in helping clean up, and she's (most of the time) very sweet with Ben. She has the most gorgeous smile, and her whole face just shows her happiness. The few times she's been upset, she crawls in my lap like a baby and we just rock and snuggle. Oh, sweet Sam, I love her!

Ben: Oh, Ben! This boy cracks me up. From his shaggy hair to those irresistible dimples, he is just the most adorable boy. Ben also amazed me with his love for his sisters. Even with Coco, he's so sweet. (The other day he was in his room, and Coco was crawling around in the hallway outside of it with me. He called to her, "Coco, come in here! Coco, I love you, baby!") He loves animals and is so very gentle with them.

He loves playing kitty, and he's a very convincing one at that. He's got his "meows" down pat! His name when we play is always Thunder (he says 'Funder'), and he always says he's a 'fire kitty,' whatever that means :) He constantly asks if we can play the Wii, and though the answer is always no, he always finds something else to do. He loves to build extravagant train tracks and hot wheel tracks, and he loves swimming! I think he'd swim every single day if he could! He always wants me to throw the "tomato" (torpedo) in the pool for him to chase after. And he gives great snuggles when we read books together. Oh Ben, I love him!

Coco: Colette, Coco, Cocopuff, the Puffster...oh, this sweet baby. Seriously, the world's happiest baby. If she's ever unhappy, then you know something's wrong! The best part about nannying for babies this age is watching them grow and change and develop so quickly. When I first started nannying for her, Coco couldn't even crawl. Now, she's out of the room like a rocket and *thisclose* to walking! She babbles and laughs and smiles constantly. And she's always good for a snuggle (she's recently started giving me hugs, which just makes my heart explode), though these days she's so on the move it's hard to get her to stay still long enough!

Today, their dog Bolt kept coming over and giving Coco kisses all over. She was making the funniest scrunched-up face, but she loved it! She loves crawling over to the big mirror outside her parents' room and looking in it. She's pulling up on ev.er.y.thing and is so very curious about what her brother, sister, and I are doing. Back at the beginning of the summer when I was in a real funk, she was the bright spot of my days (before Sam and Ben were out of school). I couldn't wait to get to her house and snuggle and play with this sweet, sweet baby. Oh, Coco, I love her!

I'll miss these three gorgeous kids so much this year. I will *definitely* be seeing them when I come home for Christmas Break (though I don't even want to think about how big Coco will be!). And in my dream of dreams (my fingers are crossed!), I'll be their nanny again next summer!

(Oh, and I can't close this post without mentioning how amazing my employers have been. They are the complete opposite of Mr. & Mrs. R. They're sweet, caring, so generous, and so loving. They truly made me feel like a part of their family and I can't thank them enough for that!)


Stephany said...

This is a great post! I, for one, have enjoyed all the Twitter updates and think Coco is one adorable chunky monkey! This sounds like it was just a dream job and I'm so happy you got it!

lifeofadancer312 said...

This is adorable.

I still can't believe i've never met these kiddos!

Monica H said...

Your love for these children is obvious. Hope you'll nanny for them next year too!

Sugar Photography said...

How could you possibly NOT be our Nanny next year? That's the only way we're able to let you go. PLEASE COME BACK TO US (THISISNOTMEPRESSURINGYOU)

We solemnly swear to have NO cockroaches, and a house trained Bolt upon your return.

I think the entire Weintribe will need a Xanax or 7 on your last day (and every day after that).

I hope that you know that you were such a bright spot in our summer and in each of our lives.

We miss you already.


The Nanny said...


I get back May 3. Or May 4. Something around then. See you at 9 a.m. the day after I get back? ;)

Love you all. This comment made me tear up. Can't imagine hugging you all goodbye...NOT GOING TO THINK ABOUT IT.

Oh, and pass the Xanax. Please.

Anonymous said...

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