Another ode to Twitter

You remember when I wrote my Ode to Twitter?

Well: I have to profess my love for Twitter once again. More specifically, for the amazing people using Twitter. Yesterday, my phone decided it was going to go crazy. Like, certifiably crazy.

It's been doing wonky things for the past few weeks, but yesterday it went off the deep end. It erased all of my text messages, and then started cycling on and off constantly--on, off, on, off--all by itself.

I called AT&T and worked with them for 30 minutes, and it came down to the fact that since I had water damage to my phone (remember that time I dropped it in the toilet?), I was kind of screwed: my warranty was voided, and they were convinced that any problems I was having were because of the water.

Which could be true, but is weird since that happened 5 months ago. BUT WHATEVER.

This really, really worried me because I have serious tuition payments due and debt accumulating (hi, student loans!) and etc., etc., etc...basically, I *cannot* afford a new phone.

I took to Twitter and ranted a bit about the situation, and within 10 minutes I had two people out of the blue offering me their old phones for free. You see? You see how amazing that is?

TxNewsPrincess is giving me her old phone this evening. I can't tell you how relieved I am, and how grateful I am. It's times like these when I am reminded of the inherent good in people.

So thank you, TxNewsPrincess. And thank you, Twitter, once again.


Monica H said...

Very nice indeed. I love when things like this happen.

Stephany said...

I saw that tweet about her giving you the phone. Sooo nice! Twitter is so amazing sometimes. :)

Kait said...

All of my old phones would make you LIKE the phone you have now. I'm so happy God provided for you!

Bethany Anderson said...

Awww! You're really very welcome. I'm glad the awesomely odd ringtones are being put to good use, too!