A meme for me

Kaitlyn tagged me for a meme, so here goes!

List seven things about yourself:

First of all, this is tough. I've done a bunch of these in the past on my blog, so I'm trying to find things I've never told y'all before.

1. I'm extremely blind. I've been told by two different eye doctors that I'm too blind for laser eye surgery (even some day in the distant future when I can (HAHAHA) afford it). I'm going to a new eye doc today for another evaluation, wish me luck.

2. I used to collect miniature VW bugs. Like the toy cars. And I'd name them all. At one point I think I had 60 or 70 of those bad boys hanging around.

3. I've got all of my future 18 children with George Clooney named. (What? Is it so hard to believe that I'll have 18 children? PLEASE. George and I LOVE kids.)

4. Every single person I've told one of my favorite boy names to says I'll torture the poor kid by naming him that. I just plug my ears, say "la-la-la," and tell them one of my favorite girl names. Then they launch into "WHY MUST YOU RUIN YOUR OWN CHILDREN'S LIVES BEFORE THEY EVEN HAVE A CHANCE AT LIFE?"

5. One night in August 2007, on a whim, I became an ordained minister online. No, really, I did. I have the certificate to prove it. And I'd be happy to perform your wedding, baptism, or funeral for free as long as I can blog about it.

6. Sometimes I'm scared to drive my own car around with his bad-ass political bumper stickers. The reactions I've gotten from some people...whoo-boy, y'all. We're not in the northeast anymore, Damien.

7. I love doing memes but my very least favorite part is tagging people at the end. Because a) if you don't do the meme, I'll feel like you don't like me and get all sad because I'm needy that way, and b) what if you get annoyed if I give you the meme? I don't want you to get annoyed at me. Lord knows I have precious few readers as it is.

So I am going to BREAK THE MOLD (a.k.a., wimp out) of tagging people, and instead say what I always say: you're ALL tagged, and if you play along, let me know so I can come read yours!


Anonymous said...

example for number 4: she wanted to name a child "school."

your sister

The Nanny said...


Monica H said...

ha! Now I want to know the names of your future kids. I promise I won't judge. I might laugh, but i won't judge :-)

#5 is hilarious. Anything for a blog post!

#7- me too. I've been tagged 3 other time and still havne't gotten to them.

The Nanny said...

Haha. Okay. The boy name that EVERYONE HATES is Oliver Beau, and in my dreams I'd call him Ollie Beau :) (though I don't know if I have the nerve to name him that in real life!). The girl name that EVERYONE HATES is Birdie, which I think is a really sweet name for a little girl. Perhaps not a given name, but maybe a nickname.

I'll email you the rest--they're all much more normal :)

Anonymous said...

Call her Beatrice with a nickname Birdie. I think it's old fashioned and cute.

But then I named my daughter Lucy Beatrice (very old fashioned name) after a C.S. Lewis character and my grandmother, so what do I know?

Kaitlyn said...

I love your boy names.

I also contemplate rear ending people with obnoxious political stickers.

I never do it though.

The Nanny said...

MM--Lucy's named after C.S. Lewis' Lucy?!? If it's possible, I love you BOTH even more.

I've got a few names on my list from book characters :)

Kaitlyn--girl, it's a GOOD THING we live thousands of miles apart! :)

Anonymous said...

Nanny - yup. When the Saint and I were dating, we discovered that the Chronicles of Narnia were both of our favorite children's lit. When I got pregnant with Bailey (didn't know he was a boy, picked names for both genders) I said "HEY! What about Lucy, like Narnia Lucy" and he thought it was a perfect idea. It was just icing on the cake to find out my great-grandmother (the mother of my grandmother Beatrice, her middle namesake) was ALSO named Lucy, although spelled Lucie. My grandmother was thrilled and thought we named her after her mother. :)

She knows that is what her name is from, and when it came out on video (which we own) she said "That's Lucy like me!" Bailey is now reading the entire series as part of his summer reading assignment, which is really neat for both of us.

The Nanny said...

MM--I'm entirely swooning over here.

Anonymous said...

I don't think your names are bad at all. Although, Oliver always makes me think of Oliver North. *shrug* I tagged myself for this meme.