Car trouble

So Damien has been temporarily retired for the next three weeks (so my lungs can get a break), as my sister has gone off to ballet camp -- so I'll be driving her car*!

*technically, it's my Dad's car. But my sister's been driving it for the past year.

Sven is a 25-year-old bright yellow Volvo. He's a beast of a creature and I've got mad love for him, so I *totally* don't mind driving him around while my sister's gone.

Except when I have to drive on the highway.

Because when ol' Sven hits about 60 mph, his steering wheel starts vibrating like no tomorrow. I'm serious. By the time you're off the highway, your hands are numb. It's fairly unsettling. But hey: Sven's got air conditioning! It's all cool by me!

My father's solution to the vibrating Sven problem was to not drive above 55. But it turns out that other drivers on LBJ and Central Expressway get pretty torked off at you if you're slowing them down. (Who knew Dallas drivers could get aggressive?)

If I wasn't going back to DreamSchool, my parents were pretty seriously considering buying a Prius. They've been wanting one for years. That way, I could drive my mom's car, and we could sell Damien (and save my lungs & makeup). But they're so generously helping me pay for college, and their car dreams (and clothes dreams, and vacation dreams, etc.) have been put on hold.

I think I've got a bit of buyer's remorse going on. While I'm SO excited to be going back to DreamSchool, it really puts a strain on my parents financially, and there's no doubt that it's screwing me financially, too. I mean, I'll be paying back debt for the next 15 or so years.

But on the whole, I know going back to school is a good thing. For me, to get the college experience in an incredible city, and for my boy Damien to get a break from driving. Boyfriend's already racked up almost 365,000 miles, after all.


Anonymous said...

Umm...did you mention RETIREMENT dreams??? But you are definitely worth it.

And I'm going to really miss having you around (and not just for your amazing clothing ensemble expertise!).

And I can't wait for your yummy Blueberry Strawberry Cobbler Cake to hurry and be ready to come out of the oven. Who knew--my daughter the chef?

Guess who?

Kaitlyn said...

Hm. I stand firm that tuition should be the responsibility of the child, for the exact reason one of your parents mentioned above... You can take out loans for school. The same is not true of retirement.

Either way, I am excited for you to return to DS. I'm very curious how much you may enjoy being a single woman!

Also, yellow Volvo? LOVE.

Anonymous said...

i miss that yellow volvo... but dang driving fast scares me in that car

your sister who is off dancing far away from home and misses her puppy

Anonymous said...

As someone who fully intends to be education-poor until my grave (literally - between paying off my graduate degrees, and now private school tuition, and then the massive loans I will need to take out to put my 3 kids through college), I still feel that there is no better investment than education. Sure I'm an educator with 2 Master's in Education degrees who is a bit fanatical about the subject, but I feel nothing but camraderie and love for your family - not just because I fully understand the pain of shelling out the bucks for a topnotch education, but because, sadly, I meet less and less people in this world today who believe what (we) do about paying for education.

So I heart theonlinenanny AND the nanny parents. :) Love you!