She's brilliant

So last Wednesday, Sam, Ben and I were playing kitty-cheetah. That's a game that they've invented, and it involves me going to the pet store, wandering around trying to decide what kind of pet I want ("Do I want a pet TV? Nah, no pet TV. Do I want a pet couch? Nah, no pet couch.") until I finally find them -- the kitty and cheetah! Perfect!

We play some variation of this every day. It's always funny to see what kind of twists and turns they'll come up with for dramatic effect. Sam's my drama girl, it seems. And she likes to narrate how we play:

"Pretend you come in and you can't find any pets you like!"
"Pretend you find Ben first, and you take him home and train him, and then you find me!"
"Pretend you have no home and we have to build one together!"

Well, this past Wednesday, it was: "Pretend you have no money so you can't buy us but you really want to!" (I have no idea where that came from...?!? But hey, I went along with it.)

So I wandered into the 'pet store' (read: the living room) and wandered around, admiring the various 'pets' (read: the TV, the couch, the table, etc.), until I found the PERFECT kitty and cheetah that I just had to have.

"But oh, no, Mrs. Pet Shop Owner (Coco is usually the Pet Shop Owner)! I don't have enough money to buy the kitty and cheetah! But I want them soooo badly!"

Usually I can figure out how to deal with their dramatic situation -- discovering the kitty and cheetah at the last minute before I leave the pet shop empty handed and depressed, creating a home out of couch cushions instead of Coco's room, which we usually use, etc. But this time...uh...I was drawing blanks on how to deal with the no money situation.

"Uh..Sam," I whispered. "What am I supposed to do if I don't have any money to buy you guys?"
She shot me a look that clearly said, "YOU ARE STUPID," and whispered back, "YOU GO TO THE BANK WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD AND BUY MORE MONEY."

Ohhhhhhhhhh. So THAT'S how I can afford college.


Nic said...


Monica H said...

Duh Nanny!

Bethany said...

LOL, very cute! She must still think money grows on trees! ;)

Anonymous said...

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