Overnights! part deux

Today was a great day!!!

This morning we discovered that pipe cleaners can make excellent jewelry. We made bracelets, a necklace, a ring, an anklet, and two headband/crown things (one for Sam, one for Coco).

Pipe cleaner power! (my hand, Sam's hand, Ben's hand--LOVE this pic)

We also spent lots of time loving on the Puffster, of course.

Then, we took a field trip up to Joann's, a fabric/craft store, and the kids each picked out two wooden shapes to paint. (They were 99 cents each! WOOT) Next, we hit up Corner Bakery for lunch, and I once again thoroughly confused the poor people with my order. (Sourdough bread with some of the mixed green salad, onions, avocado, and balsamic vinaigrette. It always perplexes them that I want salad on my sandwich. And that I don't want meat OR cheese.)

Ben chose a soccer ball and a sun, Sam chose a puppy and a star.

(No final pictures, because they're surprises for Mommy and Daddy!)

After that, we were going to go to a park nearby that has water sprays (kind of like sprinklers) all over. So we got bathing suits on and sunscreened up, and just as we pulled up to the park, I got a text from Tracey asking if we'd like to go to an impromptu dinner/pool party at her house with Deanna and her kids. Um, yes!!! The kids were *so* excited (and, uh, SO WAS I) that we left the park without even getting out of the car and headed over :)

It was a great night with amazing friends, yummy burgers & hot dogs (mine was a veggie burger, hehe), and lots of happiness. Oh, and a LOT of flirting by a certain someone. Check out her face in this pic Tracey took!

On the way home, all three kids passed out in the car. It was so sweet looking back and seeing this...

...and this!

Of course, they woke up when we got home and were up for a while longer, but they were all still so happy that it was all good! I think all four of us are going to bed with smiles on our faces. And tomorrow, mom and dad come home! The kids are so excited! And as for me? Sure, a bit of catch up sleep will be nice, but I'm sure going to miss being with these sweet, crazy kids all the time :)