My day, in multimedia

Well actually, this was Wednesday. But I'm just now getting around to posting it.

(morning activity with the big kids--painting!)

(morning activity with Coco--playing!)

(Can You Find The Baby In This Picture? alternatively, where's Coco?)

(watching big brother Ben dance around. She LOVES him and got *so* excited watching him!)

(We decided we'd better get her dressed *sigh* I just love naked (or only-diapered) babies! Though isn't this outfit adorable?!? Check out the clip in her hair!)

Annnnd some videos which I thought were too adorable not to post: (And please excuse my talking-to-babies voice.)
Her new trick is clapping, so I tried to get her to do that for y'all, but alas: 7 month olds are not circus monkeys.

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Stephany said...

Cute! I totally get the talking-to-babies voices. You should hear me with my nephew! :) Cute videos!