Sam-that-is-a-girl, age 6, gave me some great kid-isms that I thought I should post.

One morning, the doorbell rang. I went to get it--the UPS guy had dropped off a package, and was leaving. When I came back into the room, Sam asked who was at the door.

"Oh, it was a package," I said.
She looked up and grinned at me. "How could a package ring the doorbell?!?" she asked.
Goofy girl. I cracked up.

Later on, she and Ben and I were trying to decide what to do.

"How about hide and seek?" I suggested.
"Oh, that's a classic!" she responded.

So we played a classic game of hide and seek.



Anonymous said...

How much do I love that we dubbed the unfortunate nickname "Sam-that-is-a-girl". Poor thing will have a complex. But oh so cute!

Erin O. said...

So, in spite of my mom's new cancer thing, I'm still working on quilts and the like. Did I remember you saying you like yellow? And are you returning to said dream school in the fall? I'm just trying to figure out how "warm" to make the quilt that I said I would be honored to make!!!

Monica H said...

It is a "classic" she a cutie.

My sister's name is Samantha and has gone by Sammy or Sam al her life. She doesn't have a complex about it.

Anonymous said...

Monica - it's not the name Sam. We have a son, Sam, and we're dear friends with the family that Nanny nannies for, and my youngest dubbed HER Sam "Sam-that-is-a-girl" to distinguish her from my Sam, and the nickname stuck. So we actually refer to her as "Sam-that-is-a-girl" in person.

That's why I was joking about the complex. :)

Bubba&SistersMom said...

My daughter went by Girl-Avery for all 4 years of mothers day out, after being in a class with Boy-avery for her first year. The name stuck and her best friend still calls her girl-avery (6 years later)

Kaitlyn said...

Giggle. I'm so jealous of your job.