Job guilt

As much as I double-triple-quadruple heart my job, I feel utterly and ridiculously guilty for having it.

The majority of my friends from DreamSchool can't find work right now. Not for lack of trying, no--one friend has sent out 28 resumes to EVERY sort of place. She's had experience doing retail and waitressing and can't even get a call back--but because there really aren't that many jobs for teenagers and college kids right now.

We've got a few strikes against us:

1) Our jobs pretty much need to be temporary, if we're just home for the summer
2) In this economy (aren't you guys sick of hearing that expression?) jobs aren't going to go to the college kids. First, they're going to the adults who have families to take care of. Then they're going to the senior citizens who've come back out of retirement. Then they'll maybe get to us.
3) We've got a bad rap overall, being teenagers/college students.

Several of my friends are bagging groceries making under minimum wage. I feel guilty that I get to sit by the pool for an hour or two each day, and make double that. Don't get me wrong: I have the safety, health, and well-being of three gorgeous kids in my hands. And that's a huge responsibility. But I just wonder, how did I get so lucky?


Monica H said...

They could probably do the same as you, but not everyone is cut out to be a nanny. it's hard work so don't beat yourself up over having the added bonus of a pool.

Thank you for stopping by this morning. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I could NEVER be a nanny, as much as I love kids. I would never ever ever have the patience for it. Give yourself some credit, kid.

Your sis
the dancer

Ps. Monica, I do read your blog! BUT I can't remember my username and password to my blog right now so I couldn't comment on your last post :)